A Mobile Computer For Your Millenial Workforce

Millennial workforce

Today’s warehouse millennial workforce are digitally savvy, smartphone users. If you’ve already decided Voice systems aren’t for you, or if your work process requires a handheld computer/scanner, Zebra has an excellent solution. Let’s first consider the unique challenges of the Millennial workforce. The following excerpt from a temp agency that has a focus on warehouse workers:

“If you want to appeal more to millennials, your organization needs to keep up to date with the latest software and hardware. While you don’t need to buy every update and new electronic device, twenty-something workers are less likely to take your company seriously if you’re still using technology from the last decade.”

Motivation is one issue but productivity is even more important. According to studies done by Zebra, workers who used their new TC8000 experienced a 14% productivity improvement!

A quick check on Zebra’s numbers along with some time and exposure to this unit has caused Heartland to agree. We see the TC8000 as an important innovation that likely will help you get to the next level of productivity. Here’s why:

  • It’s lighter, which reduces fatigue and worker’s comp claims
  • Screen View While Scanning, which eliminates wasted time and motion having to tilt the screen to verify the scan or see the next instruction
  • Faster Entry, Fewer Errors, the touchscreen interface tests out at 40% faster and 60% fewer errors. We expect Millennials would push to the upper end of that number.

If you’re looking to capture 14% productivity to take on growth without adding staff, there couldn’t be a simpler, more cost effective way to get the next level of productivity.

Optimize your mobile workers with Zebra’s TC8000, and confirm your specific ROI with Heartland’s Free Diagnostic and Unit Test.

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