Digital Devil Attacks Are on the Rise – Are You Prepared?

digital devil

Cyber attacks are evolving quickly, frustrating organizations on how best to protect themselves. Attacks are happening all the time, every second, and that in itself makes keeping a business protected that much more difficult. The unknowns of how, when, and where an attack may occur are adding complexities to today’s vulnerabilities, making it critically important […]

Navigating the Shift to Android and Building a Stronger Mobile Enterprise

Optech Podcast

Organizations continue to look for ways to keep their employees productive and their business environments safe. As the transition from Windows-based operating systems to Android continues, the companies see vast improvements in security and operations. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform is designed to enhance these benefits and provide a platform to support your mobility devices today […]

Food Safety Challenges throughout the Supply Chain

Optech Podcast

More and more, consumers worry about the source, quality and safety of the food they consume.   Food and beverage organizations are challenged to deliver the traceability needed to inspire greater consumer trust and confidence while enabling improved business operations. Furthermore, the global COVID-19 pandemic has increased the focus on wellbeing and the food supply […]

Cybersecurity in Today’s Interconnected Supply Chain

Optech Podcast

Businesses face challenges every day to keep their enterprise running efficiently. Rapidly increasing customer expectations, productivity challenges, and pandemic conditions are real-life scenarios. Additionally, organizations must address the growing challenge of protecting company assets against cybersecurity attacks. In this OpTech Insights podcast, join Emil Man, formerly of Honeywell, Andy Rehm, Productivity Solutions Engineer, Heartland, and […]

Cybersecurity Insights with National Security Specialist Ivan Paynter

Optech Podcast

Work-from-home brings a new level of cybersecurity challenges – and these challenges will only grow as people return to the workplace.  In this episode of OpTech Insights, join Heartland’s Todd Greenwald and Andy Rehm as they talk with ethical hacker Ivan Paynter, National Security Specialist at Intellysis, a Scansource company. In this episode, you will […]

The Warehouse Maturity Model – 5 Stages to Optimize Your Business

Optech Podcast

Throughout the on-going journey to improve warehouse operations, organizations can take incremental steps to experience substantial productivity gains. In this episode, Todd Greenwald, GM, Heartland, and Mark Wheeler, Senior Director Supply Chain Solutions, Zebra Technologies, discuss the Warehouse Maturity Model and how it can positively impact your operation, with technology solutions from traditional warehouse management […]

Keep Your Manufacturing Operation Competitive with Buckley Brinkman

Optech Podcast

Maintaining your organization’s business competitiveness is always essential – pandemic or not.  Join Todd Greenwald, General Manager, Heartland, and Buckley Brinkman, (twitter: @PBuckley) Executive Director/CEO at Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing & Productivity, discuss how manufacturers can improve their business operations during turbulent times. Topics include employee safety (social distancing, contact tracing, resource scheduling), process engineering, […]

Voice Solutions for Pick, Pack, Putaway and Employee Collaboration

Optech Podcast

Internal communication is critical, no matter your business, and even more so amid the current health crisis. Organizations with distribution centers and warehouses can carry out everyday communication tasks and improve productivity through voice solutions targeted to specific workflows. In this podcast, join Todd Greenwald, General Manager of Heartland, and gain valuable insights on forward-thinking […]

Analytics and Insights to Optimize Workers and Assets

Optech Podcast

Gain valuable insights on mobile worker productivity from Honeywell’s Senior Project Manager, Doug Brown. Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence help provide a wide range of tasks – including improving worker safety, robust asset management insights and the ability to diagnose network issues from a viewpoint never before possible. OpTech Insights is dedicated to helping you get more […]