Digital Devil Attacks Are on the Rise – Are You Prepared?

digital devil

Cyber attacks are evolving quickly, frustrating organizations on how best to protect themselves. Attacks are happening all the time, every second, and that in itself makes keeping a business protected that much more difficult. The unknowns of how, when, and where an attack may occur are adding complexities to today’s vulnerabilities, making it critically important […]

Heartland Introduces New Podcast – OpTech Insights

OpTech Insights

Last week, we launched a new podcast called OPTECH INSIGHTS where Todd Greenwald, Heartland General Manager and podcast host, interviews industry experts to talk innovations, solutions and best practices that are driving change and success in business.  Check out the episodes that have already dropped and learn more about what OpTech Insights is really about right HERE. Don’t miss […]

Get More Out of What You’ve Got

cisco meraki

Remember 2019, when you set your company’s goals for 2020 and you outlined the strategies to implement in order to achieve those goals? Good times, right? Well, it might be time to revisit those goals and strategies and maybe adjust for recent events. For while the current climate won’t last forever, it’s definitely had an […]

Straining Your Warehouse Meraki Network?

meraki network

“Wild.” “Chaotic.” “Incredible.” “Frightening.” These are just some of the words that we hear people using every day about the spread and reaction to the COVID-19 virus. You know, while we’re standing at least six feet apart and thoroughly washing our hands every 20 minutes. The one thing that everyone can agree upon is that […]

Heartland – Your Local Cisco Resource

Cisco Networks

Mike Tyson was famously quoted as saying, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Well, COVID-19 has pretty much punched us all in the mouth over the past couple of months. And everyone’s plan for 2020 is being re-worked, re-thought, and re-planned. Mostly, businesses around the country, and the world, are […]

How You Can Keep Your Warehouse Employees Safe During These Times

mobile technology

As your partner, Heartland is focused on keeping your warehouse employees safe and operations running smoothly. The outbreak of COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge to many of our customers. Supply chains are stretched, operations are stressed, and businesses of every type are feeling the pressure of this unfortunate season. We want to offer our support […]

How To Modernize Your Warehouse Management System (WMS)

warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System (WMS), like all technology, are constantly changing and updating. When companies are willing to adapt to these changing times, they’re experiencing increased workforce efficiency and more profitable businesses. If you look at the market today, numerous Terminal Emulation (TE) products have modernized the look and feel of their warehouse management system applications, creating more efficient […]

What Is The SOTI ONE Platform And How Can It Transform Your Business


SOTI is a rapidly growing solutions provider within the Enterprise Mobility and IoT Management industry. After decades of success with their Mobile Device Management solution, SOTI MobiControl, they have dedicated years developing other complementary and additive enterprise-focused solutions that assist in gaining total visibility over all aspects of enterprise mobility and IoT initiatives, and reducing […]

How To Use Robotics To Augment Workforces

manufacturing robotics

Robotics have emerged from the pages of science fiction novels into the real world and ever since, discussions of their possible economic effects can be found everywhere. While advancements in robotics are accelerating at an unprecedented pace thanks to machine learning algorithms allowing for endless experiments, manual operations are still the norm for approximately 80% […]

Labor Shortages – How To Manage Operations When Skilled Labor’s Hard To Find

labor shortage

The ‘Why’ Behind The Labor Shortage December is here and that means that the holiday shopping season is in full swing and we’re likely facing a labor shortage! 2019 has shown record breaking online shopping across the globe, which kicked off when China’s Alibaba had its annual “Singles Day”—the equivalent of Amazon Prime Day— setting […]