Our Response to COVID-19

We are living up to our social responsibility to prevent the virus spreading further, while ensuring the business continuity that supports and enables our customers. Our teams for repair and support remain onsite and ready to respond to your growing needs in these critical times. Heartland workers are interacting with mobile devices regularly and we have a clear protocol for not just employee disinfection, but device disinfection as well.

The Exterior of Heartland's building

Heartland Is Fully Operational

We are at your side ready to support you in any way we can. Our sales, service, and tech support teams are all available to help you creatively solve new problems. Whether it is supporting you with a quick deploy curbside solution, helping you support a spike in delivery demands, preserving precious capital by switching to a Hardware as a Service model, or confronting a vast range of other challenges.

Additional Resources

We are committed to being responsive to the needs of our customers and employees, following best practices to stop further spread of the virus. We’ve compiled some information below with updates and recommendations from Heartland and our partners.