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Todd Greenwald

Cybersecurity in Today’s Interconnected Supply Chain

Businesses face challenges every day to keep their enterprise running efficiently. Rapidly increasing customer expectations, productivity challenges, and pandemic conditions are real-life scenarios. Additionally, organizations must address the growing challenge of protecting company assets against cybersecurity attacks.

In this OpTech Insights podcast, join Emil Man, formerly of Honeywell, Andy Rehm, Productivity Solutions Engineer, Heartland, and Todd Greenwald, General Manager, Heartland, as they discuss the latest in cybersecurity practices.

Listen to learn how:

  • Bad Actors continue to evolve their approach and what that means for cybersecurity solutions.
  • Why the best method to cybersecurity solutions is a team approach.
  • How cybersecurity solutions can impact your employee’s productivity – and what you should do about it.

Are you interested in learning more? Visit us at www.heartland-usa.com, or call 888-708-7226 or visit Honeywell’s Cybersecurity Blogs  here.

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