Heartland Computers Announces Expansion of Voice Enabled Solutions Partnership with Technology Leader Vocollect


Our expertise has always been focused on providing mobile technology solutions to the logistics, manufacturing, direct store delivery, field service, retail, and transport sectors we are excited to announce the expansion of our solutions offerings through our partnership with Vocollect as an AVAR (Affiliated VAR). The Vocollect Solution establishes an advanced voice-enabled application for mobile workers which dramatically improves productivity, accuracy across distribution and manufacturing tasks while improving the safety of the user. In fact, Vocollect is the number one developer and manufacturer of voice solutions for mobile workers.

To learn more about the solution you can check out more details in our VOCOLLECT SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW to understand how voice can be used in your operation as well as watch some videos that allow you to see the solution in action. We would love to share the benefits of what our customers have found by implementing the solution and helping you understand how it could be applied to your operation as well as how our customers are benefiting from this solution.

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