Heartland’s Brand Evolution


The Heartland brand was born in the Greenwald family garage in 1991. My father, Jerry, and I knew that mobile technology would be a game-changer, and from those earliest days making repairs and fixes in the garage, we were committed to using our mobile technology expertise to offer our customers a competitive edge in their industry.

In 27 years since, Heartland’s brand has evolved and our capabilities have expanded, but our focus has remained the same: We make mobile technology more effective so workforces can be more efficient. We have grown from humble roots to become a trusted partner offering innovative and comprehensive technology solutions for supply chain and manufacturing enterprises around the world.

And we intend to get better. This year at Heartland we have worked hard to communicate more clearly and concisely how we help customers develop more streamlined and efficient operations. From a cleaner looking Heartland logo to a reimagined WEBSITE and digital presence, we are doing a better job than ever telling the story that our customers have been telling us: Heartland brings unique expertise to simplify workflows, optimize operations, and increase the value of technology investments for businesses across industries and at every scale. Simplicity. Expertise. Value. These are what we bring to our partners.

Expect to hear more about this. Not just from us, but from customers whose operations have been transformed by a partnership with Heartland. And expect to get valuable insights from us that could impact your business. Through social media, email, blogs and events focused on education and networking, we will continue to offer resources and opportunities that will equip you to make the most of your mobile technology.

For 27 years we have been helping businesses succeed by making technology more effective and operations more efficient. At today’s Heartland, we are more committed and capable than ever.

-Todd Greenwald’s

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