Honeywell Operational Intelligence: How to Achieve Reliable Performance from Every Asset in the DC

operational asset management

Effective mobile asset management is mission critical for an organization’s operational lifecycle of each device. Beginning with requisition and procurement followed by the deployment, maintenance through to its retirement, operational asset management is a process.

Defining the Problem

Effective processes provide control, consistency and accuracy that benchmark against specific goals and objectives. Per industry experts, when an organization chooses to onboard well-defined and standardized operational asset management strategy, they will see as much as a 55% cost savings (e.g. 30% in the first year followed by 5% in each of the subsequent 5 years.)

It’s the difference between being able to know vs. guessing about the operational lifecycle of their mobile device fleet. When it comes to your mobile assets – what you don’t know can cost you. Consider questions such as the following for your mobile devices:

1. Where are they in the operational lifecycle?

  • Are they in use?
  • Are they lost in the RMA workflow?

2. Are they being utilized efficiently?

  • Do you have too many assets or too few assets at a specific location?

3. Are they being repaired effectively?

  • Are your repair SLAs being met?
  • Are specific devices having repeat repairs?
  • What is your No Fault Found return rate?

Which of the questions could you respond to with 100% confidence? What difference would it make if you could answer these questions?

Honeywell and industry research show that it is not uncommon for a company to have 10-30% of their devices either stolen or missing. Think about that. If you had 1,000 devices in your fleet, as much as 300 of them are gone. Ouch! That is a very expensive proposition when you think of the cost of just one mobile asset.

That is a tremendous challenge of underutilized, unavailable or mismanaged mobile assets which brings great opportunities of where Honeywell can help.

Defining Your Process

What is your process? Is your process based on a spreadsheet, or operational asset management software, or some combination thereof?

What keeps your process from allowing you to answer the above questions for every mobile device in your fleet? How does your process stack up against industry best practices?

Remember, life cycle is what you do, asset tracking records what you have done. Process is how you do it; it is the foundation of operational asset management.

At Honeywell we know a little bit about operational asset lifecycle, especially when we talk about RMA (Return Manufacture Authorization). We literally will have millions of mobile devices that we use and support in almost every industry under every possible condition. Knowing the disposition of every device can make the difference of whether you have successful outcomes in every workplace, every shift, every work workflow and every worker.

Are we trying to make the problem bigger than it is? No. As you requisition and deploy your mobile device fleet you will find them in DCs, retail spaces and delivery verticals. They break and things go wrong with them. How do you manage the workflow in the return process around those devices from a service provider to and from a repair center? Many companies do not centralize their device management across manufacturers. Most simply use spreadsheets which don’t give you accountability, easy reporting or centralized management of devices.

Our customers continually share real-world experiences about the loss of worker productivity due to device issues related to battery performance, being lost in manufacturer RMA voids or any number of reasons. We are talking about millions of dollars.

Operational Asset Management

At Honeywell we have the solution. It was driven by our worldwide eco-system that includes our own experiences, our customer’s experiences and our partner’s experiences. We are introducing Honeywell Operational Intelligence, an operational asset management solution that focuses on mobile device operational lifecycle with special attention around the process.

Operational Intelligence is focused on the mobile device service center – driving service center excellence for managing the operational lifecycle of a fleet of mobility devices and giving visibility across the RMA workflow to the customer and into the repair center.

Operational Intelligence from Honeywell is a manufacturer agnostic operational asset lifecycle and analytics solution for RMA (Return Manufacture Authorization) that systematically tracks, manages and optimizes all your IT assets across all your locations, throughout the lifecycle.

Operational Intelligence delivers an intelligent, real-time, web-based platform to reduce costs, streamline processes and increase visibility resulting in improved profitability. Honeywell Operational Intelligence produces a competitive edge by driving operational process improvements and smart decisions by enforcing governance and processes for your equipment, and provides the analytics to make smart decisions resulting in improved profitability through the following benefits:

  • Reduce wasteful No Fault Found returns.
  • Right-size your spare pool inventory
  • Right-place your assets
  • Consolidate RMA processes into one efficient system
  • Verify adherence to RMA vendor contracts

With Operational Intelligence you can confidently answer questions like:

  • Are your sites or device types experiencing high returns?
  • What are your no fault found returns metrics?
  • Where are your devices right now? Are they where they should be?
  • Are your devices ready for use? Do you have enough or too many devices?
  • Are you getting the services guarantees you are paying for from providers?
  • Will you be experiencing battery issues during shifts?
  • What batteries should you replace and when?
  • And much more.

Minimizing the Loss of Mobile Assets Through the Life Cycle

With Operational Intelligence you can minimize the loss of mobile assets by:

  • Assigning assets to unique departments and locations for accountability
  • Identifying current or last known location for each asset
  • Receiving real-time status updates on assets returned for repair

Tracking is not just for physical locations. When a device enters the RMA life cycle you receive real-time updates at every step in the process, from the service center to repair center and when it will return to you.

Operational Asset Management Security, Contracts and Usage Through the Life Cycle

It is not uncommon for a fleet of mobile devices to include assets from multiple manufacturers. Each device comes with its own OS/software, contracts and agreements that must be carefully managed. Operational Intelligence helps you:

  • Track vendor contracts and verify adherence to SLAs
  • Verify adherence to RMA vendor contracts
  • Manage lease agreements and renewals for financing terms
  • Monitor usage, utilization and software versions
  • Manage mobile device cyber security risks

Standardize, Automate, and Simplify Processes Through the Life Cycle

With Operational Intelligence you can also create accountability to reduce unnecessary returns by standardizing the process. You are able to:

  • Define self-service checklists
  • Consolidate RMA processes into one efficient system
  • Control corporate shipping methods

Optimize Operational Asset Management Performance and Usage Through the Operational Life Cycle

With Operational Intelligence you can build a better business and optimize your business results by:

  • Right-size your spare pool inventory
  • Right-place your assets
  • Predictive device analytics

Operational Intelligence Development Roadmap Is Robust and Exciting

As we build out Operation Intelligence these are the areas we will be focusing on for upcoming releases such as network diagnostics, service costs, battery analytics, lifecycle analytics, smart alerts & notifications, smart replenishment, enable service creation, security & compliance, worker score / behavior, device health score, workflow time studies, and AI-based configuration optimization.

Where Does Operational Asset Management Go From Here?

Operational Intelligence is the solution for your device Service Center operations—manage your operational asset lifecycle for the workflow and analytics around RMA (Return Manufacture Authorization). Systematically track, manage and optimize all of your IT assets across all of your locations throughout the operational asset lifecycle. Operational Intelligence delivers results that have been previously unattainable, such as: 

  • Reduce missing hardware knowing the location of your mobile devices
  • Decrease unnecessary returns through a 25% reduction in No Fault Found returns
  • Improve profitability by reducing your RMAs by 50%

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