Just Because It Printed Doesn’t Mean It’s Readable…Eliminate Label Quality Fines

label quality

We’ve always known that the actual print quality of a barcode can affect readability… but let’s be honest, unless someone is literally sampling and watching label quality, problems can crop up in even the best of printers. Can we rely on our employees to literally QA every label applied to every box and pallet? Of course not.

Can’t we rely on the printer to warn us when supplies or printer heads are becoming a problem? Maybe… maybe not. At a major CPG manufacturer, label quality was costing them millions of dollars in fines from their key retailers due to gaps in label quality.

So, what do we do? Send someone by to sample the quality? Sampling doesn’t always work. Printer heads can go bad without notice, and labels can be poor quality quite randomly without employees noticing. Increase the maintenance schedule? Still doesn’t address problems that crop up in high volume operations, and who has the budget? QA every label – sure, and watch productivity drop by 30% and personnel costs go up.

Printronix has automated an answer that we believe is an important innovation – Automated QA that Printronix calls, “Online Data Validation (ODV™).” Their ODV™ solution eliminates compliance fees with automatic, 100 % barcode validation. Available on the SL/T5000r thermal printer, ODV ensures that all barcodes meet the most stringent scanning standards, reducing unnecessary compliance costs. A few of the benefits that are identified when ODV is implemented include:

> Eliminating chargebacks due to refused or delayed shipments
> Delivering 100% scannable barcodes to your production area every time, automatically
> Eliminating unscannable barcodes from entering into your supply chain distribution system
> Reducing labor costs and downtime with an unattended solution

Companies like Sears, P&G, and BMW are using ODV™ to achieve higher levels of barcode labeling compliance while reducing cost.

What are intermittent label quality issues costing you? What would ODV™ be worth to you?

If you’d like to learn more about this Innovation that Matters, contact Joe Leucht directly. We can do a quick assessment and help you determine if Printronix’s latest solution might improve your level of customer service AND your bottom line.

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