BA Craft Brewers Conference Reveal Lack of Mobile Infrastructure

mobile infrastructure

We just got back from the BA CRAFT BREWERS’ CONFERENCE, and we’re still hearing a lot of talk about the lack of mobile infrastructure to support the industry.

If you brew your own, you would have loved to visit the Hops purveyors. Dizzying array of options for American IPA! There was the answer… new varietals for experimentation… new products to invent. All in the MECCA of craft brewing. Uniqueness… it’s a part of our industry. Let’s be honest… it’s what we love about being in the craft brewing industry.

It can also be the least healthy part of our industry when it comes to the operational side. I was shocked to see the hangover of problems that I’ve heard for the last 4-5 years. Mainly, there are no good, integrated mobile infrastructure solutions that allow us to keep control over our “cash product.” Custom, unique systems for manufacture and distribution, paper and manual systems. Homegrown partial solutions. Great for brewing, and bad for efficiency.

The lack of investment in mobile infrastructure keeps us behaving like a small cottage industry, but keeps us vulnerable to product “leaking” out the door, and prevents us from consistently verifying delivery.

It’s time folks… to keep our inventiveness in the recipe development and get disciplined at making money, so we can enjoy the whole mess.

Three ideas we’re going to be talking about that will add value, no matter your size:

  • Check out RF Gen and other solutions that integrate back-end ERP and provide industry-specific mobile apps critical to our market. There are cost-effective solutions to tie your pieces together and profit from it.
  • Growing fast? You’ve got to get beyond spreadsheets for the TTB. Manual entries don’t help. You’re going to get real benefits if you get some low-cost scanning to capture accurate information at the point of delivery.
  • Get off manual. Many options exist, when features matter, capture the leading edge. Sometimes a generation or so old also is sufficient. Either way, get out of manual – it really isn’t cheaper, and, in a coming post, we’ll prove it.

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