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Todd Greenwald

Navigating the Shift to Android and Building a Stronger Mobile Enterprise

Organizations continue to look for ways to keep their employees productive and their business environments safe. As the transition from Windows-based operating systems to Android continues, the companies see vast improvements in security and operations. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform is designed to enhance these benefits and provide a platform to support your mobility devices today and in the future.

Join our host Todd Greenwald and guests Stan Zywicki, Director Marketing Honeywell, and Jack Weixel, Head of Global partnerships for Android Devices, Google, as they discuss how Android and the Mobility Edge platform can enhance your organization’s productivity and bottom line.

In this episode, you will hear how organizations can:

  • improve security and enhance privacy,
  • accelerate deployments for mobility devices,
  • enhance the customer experience, and
  • optimize your business performance.


Stan Zywicki – Honeywell; Marketing Director, Enabling Software

Jack Weixel – Google; Head of Global Partnerships, Android Dedicated Devices


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