Zebra Mobile Touch Computer Offers Options for Fleet Delivery and Yard Management

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Microsoft recently decided to end the life of its Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms. Although your Windows devices are reaching the end of their life, that doesn’t mean you can stop doing Fleet Delivery and Yard Management.

Do you make deliveries to customers? You still need mobile computers and scanners to track packages every step of the way.

Are you managing a yard or terminal? You still need device and location visibility to track assets.

Making the switch to devices with a new OS is not easy. There’s a staff to train, and new software integrations. For some companies, you’ll even have to rewrite existing applications.

That’s why Heartland is strongly urging customers to start thinking about migrating to a new OS now. 

Many of our customers have already begun to create their Android Readiness strategies. The sooner you begin the transition, the less disruption on your business!

OUR PARTNER, ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES, has the widest range of Android OS mobile enterprise devices. This includes an extensive list of devices for companies operating fleet delivery businesses or for yard and terminal management

Zebra offers many devices: wearable computers, tablets, printers, scanners, and more. With such an extensive catalog, we’ll focus on touch computers for fleet delivery and yard or terminal businesses today. 

The Fleet Delivery & Yard Management Benefits of Android

Before looking at the devices Zebra offers, it helps to know more about Android. Android is the most popular OS in the world. Since its inception, developers have optimized Android to function in the most demanding enterprise environments.

Security is always important. Zebra Android devices include Mx Technology and are uniquely hardened for enterprise use. The features include data and apps protection with app locks, risk protection, and government-grade encryption.

Companies who use Zebra Androids also get the benefit of the Mobility DNA suite. This suite of workforce mobility apps simplifies device management for enterprise.

The Mobility DNA suite apps are customizable by developers to fit your needs, including greater connectivity through workspaces.

Multiple Zebra devices will work across industries. Here’s a look at two examples of its touch computers.

Fleet Delivery

If you run a fleet delivery company, you know your reputation rests on delivering customer goods and packages without fail. You need the tools that can help you have complete visibility into your operation.

Zebra offers multiple types of touch computers through its TC5X Series to help you.

Accurately track every order with Zebra’s TC5X Series. Though it’s as intelligent as a smartphone, it was built with durability in mind.

The TC5X Series has many uses in your industry:

  • Price/inventory checks
  • Delivery tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling and location-based services
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Asset management

Its features include advanced touchscreen technology, advanced data capture abilities, up to 14 hours of battery power, and Wi-Fi enhancement—all this in a durable design.

Yard and Terminal Management

When managing a yard or terminal, the location of your assets is crucial. Zebra’s tools can help you have connectivity throughout your yard. Zebra’s products also enhance productivity while keeping your workers safe.

Companies can effectively track cargo from when it enters your yard or terminal to when it leaves. Zebra’s real-time location tracking can help you reduce wait times, prioritize assets, and identify what you need immediately.

One device that can help with this is the Zebra TC7X Series touch computer. Its capabilities allow you to get your yard or terminal in sync and to operate efficiently.

Get the most rugged enterprise touch computer with the Zebra’s TC7X Series.

The TC7X has many uses in your industry:


Its features include high definition touchscreen, easy-to-use data capture, a battery life of up to 15 hours, cellular network flexibility, and Wi-Fi enhancement.

Both Zebra products will probably fit your business, whether you are a fleet delivery company or manage a yard or terminal. One way to find out is to contact us, and we can discuss your Android Readiness Strategy.


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