Our First Annual OpTech Event!


OpTech 2018

Technology Powering Operational Intelligence


Last week Heartland hosted its very first Executive Forum – OpTech 2018! The event was sponsored by one of our most trusted partners, Honeywell. Together, we invited subject matter experts from Google, Honeywell and Intelligrated to come together to network, share their insights, collaborate and of course, have some fun! Attendees had a chance to hear industry insights on the following topics:

  • Getting the most out of IoT, Data and Operation Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Trends and Outlooks
  • Mobile Technology Security
  • Automation in Material Handling
  • Operating System Readiness

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this year’s inaugural event…

OpTech Welcomes #OperationalAllStars

As attendees began arriving bright and early to our Topgolf venue, they were greeted with name tags, an agenda for the day’s events, and of course some swag bags! After everyone spent some time getting to know each other over breakfast, it was time to start our sessions for the day. Heartland’s General Manager, Todd Greenwald, made some opening remarks to welcome everyone, and then Andy Rehm, Heartland’s Productivity Solutions Engineer got the creative vibes flowing with an ‘Ice Breaker’ activity. After our #OperationalAllStars spent some time getting to know each other, Bruce Stubbs, Director of Supply Chain Marketing at Honeywell shared his insights on Supply Chain trends and opportunities for improvement. And just like that OpTech 2018 was off!


Going with Google

After the opening presentations had concluded, attendees had the pleasure of welcoming keynote speaker, Mohammad Raza, to the podium. To say Raza is a dynamic and captivating speaker would be selling him short. He opened his keynote address with a wonderfully poignant anecdote about his experience on Flight 1549, an then proceeded to educate us (nearly all loyal Apple users) on how Android is powering the world’s workers. Raza shared his insight on new features and enhancements to the Android OS, and how the Google Android Enterprise Team has helped to put Honeywell in a leading industry position through their partnership to offer customers long life solutions!

#OperationalAllStars Go Golfing!

By mid-day we were ready to break for lunch, a few rounds of golf, and of course some networking!

Back at it with Honeywell and Intelligrated!

After our lunch and golf break, we were back at it with more presentations from Honeywell and Intelligrated. First up was Craig Andersen from Intelligrated, talking about Automation in Material Handling. Craig discussed how to leverage the ideal mix of automation, software and labor, to optimize productivity and deliver fast, accurate fulfillment to match the speed of modern commerce. Next, Taylor Smith, Honeywell’s VP of Marketing, Productivity Products, presented on Operational Intelligence, offering insights into optimizing your operation (OEE). During this interactive session, attendees were encouraged to share their own insights and challenges, and how those might shape the future of mobile technology capabilities focused on making your operation more efficient. Our final presentation for the day was none other than Brian Pitts, Director of Cybersecurity at Honeywell. Brian’s presentation, Security at the Edge, was aimed at understanding how Android for the Enterprise and Honeywell can make things significantly easier in relation to your mobile computing. Android for the Enterprise supported by Honeywell hardware and software brings a new level assurance to enterprise mobility security that was not available in the past. Enterprise customers can now leverage a cutting-edge computing capability and innovated software while knowing that Google and Honeywell are committed to providing security for these critical devices as customers move more processing and data to edge.

And, That's a Wrap...

Once presentations concluded, the group headed out for dinner, drinks and more networking! We are so grateful for everyone that took part in this great event – Honeywell for their sponsorship and partnership, the presenters who took the time to share at OpTech, and of course the customers who came to learn, share and network with us! We’re already looking forward to OpTech 2019!

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