Start Making Warehouse Data Work for You

warehouse data

If you are like the typical distribution center, you collect large amounts of warehouse data. Your customers want to know when the shipment will be delivered—and not a moment late. You have special needs for inventory; Some of it needs to be cross-docked, others stored efficiently.

The key is to make warehouse data work for you.

Zebra Technologies has the technology solutions to help any warehouse handle more volume with greater accuracy. Zebra’s extensive Mobile Warehouse Portfolio includes visibility and traceability innovations that will help you track or locate items on your warehouse floor quickly—and make corrections where needed.

Here is a look at how you can make process improvements using warehouse data for operations with Zebra. And the best part? With Zebra, you’ll see ROI in an average of six months, not years down the road.


The warehouse data trail starts at receiving. Dock workers can automatically identify and verify shipments with Zebra mobile handheld computers and scanners. This is all done with a wireless real-time connection to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

* Instantly process shipments

* Print labels onsite to replace damaged or missing labels

* Use mobile computer cameras to document proof of condition


Zebra offers many solutions to help you improve your cross-docking. Those solutions include WLAN and RFID infrastructure, label printers, wearable terminals and barcode readers, handheld computers, and real-time location solutions.

* Ensure maximum efficiency in the cross-docking process by optimizing space in your warehouse

* Read barcodes on incoming shipments to instantly identify what should be cross-docked and located

* Aggregate shipments headed to the same dock and create efficiencies in your process


Whether you use barcode or RFID to collect your warehouse data, Zebra has many products to support the put-away process. Use Zebra data-capture solutions to perform simple scans of barcode or RFID rack tags, and ensure that your items get put in the right place and are stored in the shortest amount of time.

* Know the exact location of all inventory

* Improve asset utilization

* Scan shelf tags to ensure put-away accuracy


Sortation solutions include wearable and mobile technology. Warehouse data is captured in real time and seamlessly transmitted to your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

* Reconcile order details quickly upon receipt

* Keep workers’ hands on packages at all times with efficient hands-free sorting

* Eliminate errors with scans for display of package destination

* Create an audit trail for traceability


Eliminate time-wasting paper orders by picking from electronic orders. With handheld computers, voice capability, and real-time location systems, your workers save time by picking with optimal routes.

* Display location of items and minimize steps by showing the best route

* Verify correct items picked with barcode or RFID scanners

* Instantly deduct items from inventory and improve accuracy with real-time visibility

* Automatically capture item-specific information like lot numbers or serial numbers


Empower workers to sort items faster with wearable mobile computers that can be worn on the wrist and scanners that can be worn on a finger. Barcode scanners ensure an order contains the right items, and automatically calculates packing reduces the amount of filler for each order.

* Get real-time inventory visibility by scanning shipping materials

* Enable quick reordering and always have the proper packing materials available


When your packages are ready to ship, use printers, barcode/RFID label supplies, and mobile computers to help you streamline the fulfillment process.

* Ensure outgoing shipments are headed to the right address and truck with a scan of the barcode or RFID label

Using Warehouse Data for Inventory Management

Zebra features many different inventory solutions to fit your needs and reduce the amount of time and effort needed to manage inventory. Zebra’s barcode scanners, RFID technology, mobile computers, and printers can help with rack ID, cycle counts, asset management, and replenishment.

Start making your warehouse data work for you. We can help you create a robust inventory management system and end-to-end tracking that will make your warehouse more productive and efficient.

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warehouse data

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