Staying Ahead of the Curve with Android Readiness

Android Readiness

Have you finalized your Android Readiness strategy? The Rugged Mobility industry is changing, and now is the time to determine which path your business will take.

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms, which is primarily used in the Rugged Mobility and Mobile Computing space inside Supply Chain businesses. The current landscape for replacing these devices is vast and finding the right path for your business can be daunting. With options varying from Android, to iOS, and even full Windows 10 operating systems, we are here to help you design a winning strategy.

Heartland has assisted a large number of customers in designing and planning their own Android Readiness strategies. Typically, this is a 12 to 18-month cycle, from planning to implementation, and with less than 2 years before the end of life for Windows Mobile 6.5, the time to act is now. For the majority of customers Android is the operating system of choice due to its robust functionality, higher processing power, ease of use, and manageability.

Creating an Android Readiness strategy is easy, and a uniquely personal experience for each customer because each environment and business architecture differs from one another. We start with the backend system and research potential solutions from an application layer. Depending on the age and strength of your Warehouse Management System we will be able to do one of two things: modernize your current Telnet-based picking systems with familiar, easy-to-use Android applications, or work directly with your application and WMS teams to provide dedicated offerings. Once this is established we determine the correct, purpose-built device options and hardware solutions that best fit your company’s needs.

The Android operating system is rapidly gaining popularity in not just the consumer grade market, but also the enterprise environments. Market leaders in rugged mobility, such as Zebra (acquirer of Motorola and Psion) and Honeywell (acquirer of Intermec and LXE) have embraced the Android OS standard and are launching all new products with Android as their OS of choice. This provides an advantage for customers who then have access to the robust and dedicated support structure from purpose-built device manufacturers who are the most familiar with the environments and business needs within supply chain industries. Additionally, this provides the longevity of investments that Supply Chain businesses have grown accustom to, with multi-year and comprehensive device repair service contracts, allowing you to properly depreciate and utilize your assets for the long term. Heartland is aligned with over 100 IT hardware and software solution providers, giving us unique insight and the ability to create the best solution for your environment.

When introducing a consumer-oriented operating system like Android into businesses, the number one concern is often security and end use compliance. This can be addressed on two fronts: first, with a Mobile Device Management platform such as SOTI MobiControl, and second, with strong and readily available security patches and updates from the device manufacturers. When it comes to Android, SOTI’s offering with their MobiControl platform for Mobile Device Management is unmatched regarding device security, asset tracking, new device deployment, ongoing updates, and remote assistance. Also, with Heartland’s Mobile Technology Support offering, AlwaysOn, your teams don’t have to learn or manage another tool, we can implement, deploy, manage, and maintain your Mobile Device Management platform for you. Additionally, with OS level security patches and updates from reputable market leading manufacturers such as Zebra and Honeywell, your devices won’t age or become obsolete as quickly as consumer grade devices.
These market-leading manufacturers work directly with Google to obtain security patches and updates quicker and deploy them faster than your traditional cellular carriers, meaning that your devices and business is always at the highest level of security.

Android in the workplace and the supply chain industries is not slowing down. Make sure that your business is ready for the migration and can utilize newer technology to decrease downtime and increase productivity. With purpose-built solutions from applications to mobile computing hardware, and even device management and security, now is a great time to plan how your business will keep up and surpass the competition by implementing systems and standards that will help your company win.

When you need to stay ahead of the curve, utilize Heartland to help create your Android Readiness strategy.


-Allen Thompson

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