The Cutting ‘Edge’ of Mobility


HONEYWELL’S MOBILITY EDGE is a unique platform designed to make building, deploying, managing, and extending the lifecycle of mobile solutions for users, with less risk and at a lower cost to their businesses.

The key to Honeywell’s new platform is the revolutionary SOM core. Why is the SOM core so revolutionary? The scalable architecture allows enterprises to develop once and deploy across many device types, since the hardware and software in Mobility Edge products are essentially the same. This allows users to select the best form factor for operations and essentially still have one product as far as applications development, testing, deployment, and tech support are concerned.

The Honeywell Edge Platform has three key components that allow it to deliver these results:

Extended Lifecycle – Honeywell and Qualcomm co-developed a solution that ensures longer lifecycles, allowing updates through 2023. Through Honeywell’s partnership with Google, Mobility Edge products support four Android releases rather than two, so devices last longer.

Accelerated deployment – Mobility Edge lets you validate once and deploy everywhere, saving you money upfront.

Optimized performance – The platform’s productivity and performance optimizing tools include a scan wedge, voice wedge, wireless tether, device locator, and Zigbee communications support. To help get the most value out of your deployment, the platform also includes a machine learning, artificial intelligence-based engine that will optimize performance overtime.

This CASE STUDY is a great example of how an issue involving security vulnerability was quickly resolved, in days rather than months, with Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform and Cyber Security team implemented.

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-Joe Leucht

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