Flawless Delivery with Zebra and Heartland

flawless delivery

Do you want the roadmap to a flawless delivery?

Think technology.

The goal is to get deliveries to their destination on time, every time. But if you are not using the right technology, you set yourself up for mistakes.

There are problems with pickups and deliveries. Complex orders like varied drops or increased volume cause bottlenecks. Meanwhile, your customers want to know when you will arrive, but you had to reroute your drivers.

Speaking of your drivers, they need to communicate with you, and you need to know you can reach them without hassle. Plus, you’ll never get a flawless delivery system if your trucks have issues. That’s why a proactive approach to your fleet can help you reduce downtime.

Our partner, Zebra Technologies, has the technology solutions to help you create the flawless delivery processes you need. Zebra’s mobile computers, tablets, scanners, RFID technology, and printers are designed to give you greater visibility into every area of your operations.

For example, do you serve multiple customer types? Sometimes companies need numerous devices to serve each group. With Zebra, you can consolidate the operations and workflow and use only the types of devices you need.

Here are a few of the areas where we can work with you to get Zebra hardware paving a path of flawless deliveries.

Get Visibility

Streamline your process, increase your accuracy, and navigate your routes faster. In today’s world, knowing the status of an order is everything. You

want to ensure your process is running smoothly, and your customers want to know if their package will arrive on time.

By using either Zebra’s leading barcode labels or its RFID labels and tags, you can track your assets every step of the journey to their destination. Zebra mobile computers and scanners allow you to easily capture data. Use them not just to confirm final delivery, but also throughout your fulfillment process (sorting, loading, and planning your routes). We can integrate all the technology and software, so you can have total visibility.

Once you make delivery, mobile computers allow you an easy and effective way to confirm the job is done. You can gather necessary signatures electronically and confirm the asset was delivered in good condition with a photo.

Increased Communication

Your drivers have a tough job. They need to not only make on-time deliveries, but also deal with the pitfalls of being on the road. Ensure excellent communication by using Zebra’s mobile computers. They are as intelligent as smartphones, but rugged enough to withstand life on the road. The Zebra mobiles are great for capturing information through scanning, and they also provide integrated voice and data communication capabilities. Those features include SMS text, push-to-talk, and video.

Manage Assets Smarter

No matter how big your fleet is, Zebra devices give you the ability to monitor it in real-time. You can know where your assets are located, including telematic monitoring of your vehicles. This reduces your downtime and keeps your fleet on the road making deliveries. With Zebra’s solutions, you also can identify and handle potential compliance or regulatory situations before they happen since you can monitor drivers and vehicles.

The same holds true in the warehouse, yard, or terminal where Zebra’s technology allows you to cross-dock, load, and plan routes with ease. You

can conduct operations with a sense of security. For example, if you are cross-docking, you get instant verification on a pallet being loaded on a truck thanks to RFID tags. It’s that easy to read the tags—with the push of a button, workers can confirm the right shipment is in the right place.

The roadmap to flawless delivery starts with the right technology. Heartland has been working with Zebra for more than 20 years, so we can help you find the right solutions to get started. Contact us to learn more about Zebra’s products.

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