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Nobody has ever accomplished anything by waiting. Every day is an opportunity to make progress, not a list of tasks to be completed. When we shift to this mindset, it becomes obvious that the status quo is the biggest obstacle to progress. Winners know this and take action to ensure that no day is wasted. When they go to bed at night, they do so knowing that they’re better than they were the day before. It’s not easy to maximize each day. We tell ourselves that an opportunity is just over the horizon.

“When things calm down a bit at work I’ll start exercising.”

“Once the kids go back to school I’ll start reading more.”

The time to get better isn’t tomorrow. It’s today, so you can be better tomorrow.

We find situations like this to be all too prevalent in business. It’s no secret that mobile workforces are under extreme pressure to increase their performance due to situations like increased workloads, higher customer service expectations and greater complexity. It’s also no secret that there are technology solutions out there that can do just that. However, if getting to higher levels of performance is so important why are companies looking to implement these solutions by making customizations to their ERP systems?

In almost every situation, ERP customizations take lots of time and resources. After all there are many departments that need changes made, so get in line. Some of these lines are so deep it takes months or even years to get what you need done. For mobile workforces, 6-12 months of the status quo is a major missed opportunity. It may seem like the status quo is fine until you consider the gains that you could have had. We haven’t even talked about the major financial investments required to customize an ERP system either.

Clearly there has to be a better way to do this. Enter Mobile Workflow Solutions. These solutions require a fraction of the time and money you’re looking at for ERP customizations. This means capitalizing on gains quicker and much less risk surrounding the project.

The Mobile Workflow Solutions themselves make the biggest impact in areas such as field service, direct store delivery, procurement and proof of delivery. The solutions are engineered to increase utilization and reduce time and costly errors. We will examine how they specifically advance the performance in these areas over the next few posts.

For now, let’s start to think about our days as opportunities, not tasks. Performance gains for your mobile workforce are right here and simpler than ever to implement. If you are ready to take action now, Heartland has a Mobile Workflow Solution assessment to match you with an answer that helps you Advance Performance.

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