Vocollect Voice Picking – Warehouse Voice Automation

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The Industry Standard: Vocollect Voice Picking Solutions

Vocollect Voice Picking Solutions are the industry’s leading end-to-end voice-enabling solutions, specifically designed to excel in challenging industrial-warehouse environments. As your partner we make sure your Voice Solution is precisely tailored to your specific business needs, and supports numerous worker configurations from motorized pallet walkies to high reach fork trucks.

Voice Picking leverages Vocollect’s Next-Generation Voice Software Suite, ensuring an ideal solution for enabling voice in a multitude of warehouse workflows and tasks. From the extreme conditions of freezer installations to high-moisture coolers and other demanding environments, each Vocollect Voice Solution we implement at Heartland is optimized to provide you with the industry’s lowest total operating cost.

Our Solutions Team insures voice-enabled precision and efficiency for warehouse tasks such as picking, selecting, cycle counting, inboard/outboard loading and inventory. Every day Vocollect and Partners like us help more than 400,000 workers worldwide keep track of more than $4 billion dollars’ worth of goods.

Customers using the Vocollect Solutions are achieving remarkable results

  • Investment payback in 12 months or less
  • Accuracy levels up to 99.99%
  • Productivity improvements of up to 35%
  • Improved worker safety

The Results From this Implementation of Vocollect:

– Accuracy improved to 99.75%
– Productivity in fork applications increased by 24%
– Fork truck driver staff reduced by 16%
– Clerical & support staff reduced by 37%
– Training time reduced by 66% – From three days to one
– Staff turnover rate reduced by 66%

“In paper pick sections where we had the greatest
opportunity for improvement, our accuracy rose from 98.68% to 99.46%. These performance gains alone save Pep Boys over $3 million annually.”

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