Wavelink Avalanche – Mobile Device Management

Wavelink Avalanche

In the ever-expanding world of technology, the assistance of a Mobile Device Management solution can not only increase your uptime but also rapidly increase the speed of new deployments for new and expanding business. Wavelink Avalanche software relieves your team from having to manually configure each device, either coming from a repair or being ready for a new deployment.

Devices show up to your location’s doorstep preconfigured, staged, and are locked down out of the box, rather than dedicating an already busy teammate’s time to sit and manually configure each device with possible errors increasing downtime or extending the rollout of a new facility. This is achieved by using device-specific software installed on each terminal that is designed to communicate with your own Wavelink Avalanche server that contains preconfigured software that is pushed to the device; all based on your needs to keep the load on each device lightweight and smooth.

Another additional benefit of the software is that it allows you to asset track your devices to know precisely where a device last was or to know how many devices are at each of your locations. This is done through the Wavelink Avalanche Console software and can be used in different fashions, from allowing your DC managers to have read only access for tracking and asset tagging to having your corporate facility be able to account for all devices across your whole company from one central place. With the assistance of Heartland Computer’s staff, we can also create reports to aid in further resource management to make the most of your investment in mobile technology.

While all of the above certainly can give you peace of mind, another key feature of the Wavelink Avalanche software is the Remote Control functionality. Through this powerful add-on utility, one is able to dial into a device from anywhere and see it live, and this can be done silently as to not interfere with the production of your team. This allows advanced support functionality so that either in house IT or via HEARTLAND COMPUTER’S “ALWAYS ON” service can remotely troubleshoot, diagnose, and even fix devices without the need to be sent to an off-site repair facility and await the downtime of turnaround.

This summary scrapes the surface of understanding the power and capability of this software and when you are ready to make the technological leap in your business, CONTACT HEARTLAND COMPUTERS so that we can bring an in depth, custom tailored, all-in-one solution to increase the performance and uptime of your business. 

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