Yard Management System from Check-In to Checkout

Yard Management System

Cargo doesn’t move itself. So when it comes to your yard, there are many actions you need to take to get it to the right place using the most efficient process. You also need to do this while keeping people safe and remaining compliant. An effective Yard Management System (YMS) can help you stay on top of everything that takes place on a daily basis.

When you have inefficient operations, this creates bottlenecks that impact delivery and distribution. Our partner, Zebra Technologies, produces solutions that can untangle the bottlenecks. Zebra is the world leader in producing mobile computers, RFID technologies, printers, and other devices that can help you be more proactive in managing deliveries and your yard.

Fleet Delivery

It all starts with fleet delivery. Zebra mobile computers and tablets can help you easily transition from a paper-based management system to mobile computing.

Companies who have used Zebra’s solutions have seen a reduction in calls to distribution, improved vehicle routing, and fewer disputes about unattended deliveries. This process also allows you to see improved order accuracy and a natural reduction in customer service headaches, allows that critical part of your operation handle other importation tasks.

Yard Management System

In the yard, you are always focusing on efficiency and productivity. At the same time, you are continually dealing with compliance and safety issues. The way to handle your workload is with a proven Yard Management System like the one Zebra has developed.

Zebra’s YMS uses automation, along with barcodes and RFID tags, to give you unparalleled visibility into what’s happening in your yard at any given minute. You’ll streamline your processes and speed up the handling trucks and trailers. You’ll gain efficiency through increased mobility.

When used with warehouse and transportation management systems, you can get end-to-end visibility of your operations. The YMS component alone allows for automated parking assignments, better utilization of space, the ability to directly manage tasks, door-to-door moves, and complete inbound and outbound scheduling. 

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What Zebra’s Yard Management System (YMS) Can Do for You

Zebra’s YMS software will synchronize operations, loading docks, and gate check-in. You can streamline the continuous flow of cargo because the mobile software solution will help your yard by creating efficiencies.

By installing a real-time location system, you can use the RFID tags to track your trailers. This real-time data gives you data and performance intelligence you can use in your yard and throughout your company.

Finally, the same types of mobile computers (and some of the more advanced models) that help fleet delivery also help your yard. You can monitor your operations, use advanced communication capabilities like Push-to-Talk, and send alerts to staff.

Five Benefits of Zebra’s Yard Management System

1. Reduced warehouse overtime

Zebra’s dock management system provides automatic door assignments. When docks are occupied, you’ll have less downtime for dock workers and fewer reloads.

2. Increased yard throughput

Get accurate and timely information when large volumes of cargo are moving through your yard. Zebra’s YMS allows you to create flexible business rules.

3. Limited detention expense

You can reduce driver wait time and detention costs with proper scheduling and exception management functionality.

4. Container visibility

With RFID tags or barcodes, you’ll get asset knowledge of inventory and service history. Your yard, warehouse, and transportation management systems all integrate to produce insights into what is being transported and to estimate arrival times.

5. Maximized use of your space

Eliminate the bottlenecks by being able to intentionally plan where your cargo needs to go.

Heartland and Zebra experts can design, plan, install, and implement a YMS that works for you. Our SOLUTIONS will increase your efficiency, boost productivity, and create savings. CONTACT US to discuss how a YMS can you help you!

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