3 Reasons Why you Should Reevaluate Your Connectivity Infrastructure

Sep 08, 2022

Maintaining consistent connectivity throughout your operations helps your workers collaborate and communicate with each other when they need to meet demands. Higher connectivity also reduces errors to help create smoother workflows. Studies indicate that 86% of employees and executives cite a lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main cause of workplace failures. A workforce that doesn’t effectively collaborate can cause too many errors which makes it harder to meet consumer expectations. Studies also show that effective communication increases productivity by as much as 25%. Higher productivity and smoother workflows are key benefits of effective communication, here are some signs that bad connectivity is impacting your operations.

  • Dropped signals can force businesses to restart their networks or connectivity process
  • Dead zones prevent workers from viewing inventory in certain locations, which can affect inventory accuracy and create slower shipments
  • Interference from different waves can cause multiple channels to affect multiple workflows
  • Lagging networks slow down operations because of more downtime


Redefining your workplace’s connectivity.

If your business is suffering from those connectivity issues, it may be time to reevaluate your connectivity. Maintaining dependable connectivity within your enterprise can eliminate lagging or dead connections to reduce downtime. Learn how enhancing connectivity within your operations can be beneficial for these reasons:


  1. Boosted Scalability - Choosing to enhance your network connectivity can help your workers effectively talk to each other when workflows get busy and timelines are short. Mobile devices paired with dependable connectivity services help enable multiple communication channels between delivery and fulfillment teams to help your business function at different levels and gather important data.
  2. Secure your network for demands - Implementing reliable connections and network management can help your workers respond quickly to demands. That’s why an experienced engineer team can be valuable in surveying and tailoring network infrastructures to target dead zones and interference before deployment. A reliable network can embrace new devices and workflows while keeping teams securely connected.
  3. Faster Workflows - Choosing to reevaluate connectivity with better network management can help protect your operational efficiency and company assets. Making your network stronger helps connect your team for access to the relevant information they need to track and trace. A connected and unified workforce creates smoother workflows to complete more orders and satisfy consumer demands.

Bad connectivity can cause unwarranted downtime from dropped signals, dead zones, interference, and lagging networks. Let us at Heartland help you reevaluate your connectivity solutions to increase productivity.