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When it comes to selecting cybersecurity vendors, at Heartland, we believe in quality over quantity. Each of our cybersecurity vendors was carefully screened and selected to meet the specific needs of our customer base.  We don’t use the word partner lightly, and we don’t change partners based on the direction of today’s wind.


Your Questions Answered

According to an IBM/Ponemon Institute study, the total cost of security breaches worldwide in 2020 averaged $3.86 million, with the United States leading the pack with an $8.64 million average. 

What is enterprise cybersecurity?

Enterprise cybersecurity is the practice of protecting a business against cyber threats. Enterprise cybersecurity includes strategies, techniques, and processes for securing information and IT assets against unauthorized access and risks that infringe on the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of systems and data.

How to measure anything cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity has many measurables, including:

  • The overall level of preparedness
  • Unidentified devices on internal networks
  • Intrusion attempts
  • Cybersecurity incidents
  • Time to detect cyber threats
  • Time to respond to cyber threats
  • Time to contain cyber threats
  • Average vendor security rating
  • Number of users with admin access to critical systems
  • Time to deactivate terminated employees
  • Number of third parties with access to critical systems

How to prevent cybersecurity attacks?

You can’t prevent cybersecurity attacks, but you can prepare your business to defend against them. A good cybersecurity defense includes:

  • Cybersecurity training for all employees
  • Keeping software and systems up to date
  • Endpoint protection
  • Firewalls
  • Access control and management
  • Stringent authentication policies
  • Zero trust

What is cybersecurity and why do we need it?

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer systems and networks from unwanted information disclosure or theft, as well as disruption or misuse of services. Cybersecurity is needed because it protects information, networks, and computer software and hardware from harm and abuse.

Which cybersecurity solution would help with IoT physical security?

Heartland offers clients cybersecurity solutions for IoT devices and can help you with your IoT physical security needs. 

How does digital forensic science intertwine with cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity focuses on preventing and detecting cyberattacks, while digital forensics focuses on cyber incident investigation.


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