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At Heartland, we aim to provide scalable, sustainable solutions that make integration simple. Through our automated solutions, businesses can find that their overall levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability increase while their carbon footprint shrinks. From Manufacturing and distribution to logistics and transportation, Heartland’s solutions are skillfully and sustainably designed for anything.

Strive for Sustainability Today

About 7 in 10 distributors face pressure from clients to develop sustainable warehousing practices. Navigating through multiple shortages, sustainable warehousing offers a chance to reduce wasteful labor, mitigate paper-based errors, and protect the environment with energy-efficient technologies.

Going Green
By the Numbers.

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Buildings consume 41% of U.S. energy.
Maximize agile adaptability with automation made for the dynamic supply chain.


Optimize Location of Warehouse

From the increasing demand for same-day shipping to the drastic increase in diesel prices, moving closer to potential clients has never been so crucial. By doing so, warehouse will decrease fuel usage and as much as half of carbon emissions.


Seamless System Design

To diminish waste, combining systems through multi-purpose devices like mobile computers is critical. Not only does it streamline workflows, but it can also eliminate dead zones within your facility.


Out with Overstocking

Through barcoding and RFID technology, you will increase inventory control, prevent unneeded surplus, and maintain profitability.


Manage Maintenance

Sustainable automation needs an adequate tech support team to guarantee longevity and limit breakdowns. Digital asset tracking can maintain used devices to highlight misplacements and ensure appropriate usage.


Upstanding Upgrades

When boosting your utilized technology, consider picking an upgrade that offers an eco-friendly disposal or recycling process.

Sustainability for Every Facility Starts Here.

Meet with our automation specialists to tailor a modernization plan that adapts to your needs while eliminating wasteful practices.