Heartland Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services

Heartland’s fleet management services can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, extend vehicle life, improve safety, and ensure compliance.

Keep customers happy and increase on-time deliveries.

Heartland’s experts in mobility solutions can assist you with implementing the latest fleet management hardware and software solutions. Our fleet management services improve route planning and reduce idle time, reducing fuel usage and extending vehicle life. We’ll help you install GPS dash cams recognized for improving driver safety and collecting evidence to avoid false insurance claims that keep premiums down.

Adapt quickly to changing market demands with custom configurations, including software, mobile devices, and accessories. With detailed data and insights, Heartland can help you protect product quality during delivery, comply with food safety standards, and maintain traceability of goods throughout the supply chain.

fleet management
fleet management services

Fleet Management Benefits


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is a leading EMM solution.

honeywell traceability software

Honeywell Workflow Solutions

Honeywell workforce and task management software solutions provide advanced data collection and analytics capabilities, enabling you to maximize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring process compliance.

zebra traceability software

Zebra Intelligent Edge Solutions

Intelligently connect your company’s assets, data and people in collaborative workflows. Sense what’s happening, analyze or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions in real time.


86% of fleets now use telematics, 55% report reduced fuel costs , and 42% have seen fewer safety incidents

Don’t lose productivity to network or mobile technology outages




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Repair Management

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Spare Pool Management

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Mobile Device Management Support

Help Desk Management

Integrated Helpdesk

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Configure to Purpose


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Network Design & Engineering

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Network Diagnostics

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Structured Cabling and Installation

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Network Monitoring

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Post Installation Validation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Heartland’s fleet management services can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, extend vehicle life, improve safety, and ensure compliance.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is overseeing all activities related to fleet vehicles including procurement including leasing, financing, and licensing, inventory management, insurance, maintenance and repairs, fuel management, location tracking, driver management, route management, disposal, compliance with both corporate policies and local and national laws, improving efficiency, and reducing costs. 

How does fleet management work?

Fleet management works by tracking, either on paper or through software, vehicles and all related activities. Modern fleet management uses software, GPS trackers, and vehicle telematics to do this efficiently.  

How to improve fleet management?

Today's fleet managers are improving fleet management by adopting software that taps into data collection from GPS and vehicle telematics devices to monitor and maintain vehicles, and effectively route vehicles to reduce fuel costs, improve driver performance, and create fleet efficiencies.

What are fleet management services?

Fleet management services include:

  • Leasing and financing
  • Licensing
  • Inventory management
  • Insurance management
  • Vehcile maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel management
  • Location tracking and route management
  • Driver performance management
  • Vehicle disposal
  • Compliance with both corporate policies and local and national laws
What is HOS?

HOS is an acronym for Hours of Service. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued regulations that govern the working hours of anyone operating a commercial motor vehicle in the United States. These regulations include driver restrictions on the number of hours they can operate commercial vehicles, which is what HOS references.

What is online mapping and route planning?

Online mapping and route planning are a subset of route management. Route management is the practice of determining the most efficient paths for vehicles to take to reach their destination factoring in distance, speed, traffic, and other factors.

How does fleet management extend vehicle life?

Fleet management extends vehicle life by ensuring adherence to vehicle maintenance schedules,  reducing idle time, and ensuring optimal routes are taken to destinations.


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