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Quality Assurance

Heartland’s QA solutions help organizations detect, isolate and eliminate quality issues before small problems become big problems. 

Avoid Quality Assurance Mistakes & Defects

Ensuring quality requires processes and procedures are conducted at exacting standards. Heartland’s hardware and software solutions help you capture data and monitor production environments to ensure processes are followed, and products and services consistently meet corporate standards.

Whether you need to monitor shop floor temperature, light, humidity, or log a process, Heartland has a solution. 

quality assurance
quality assurance

Quality Assurance Benefits

HEARTLAND Quality Assurance Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is a leading EMM solution.

honeywell traceability software

Honeywell Workflow Solutions

Honeywell workforce and task management software solutions provide advanced data collection and analytics capabilities, enabling you to maximize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring process compliance.

zebra traceability software

Zebra Intelligent Edge Solutions

Intelligently connect your company’s assets, data and people in collaborative workflows. Sense what’s happening, analyze or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions in real time.


Quality Assurance Support Services


repair management

Repair Management

spare pool management

Spare Pool Management

mobile device management

Mobile Device Management Support

Help Desk Management

Integrated Helpdesk

mobile device configuration

Configure to Purpose


network design

Network Design & Engineering

network diagnostics icon

Network Diagnostics

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Structured Cabling and Installation

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Network Monitoring

installation validation

Post Installation Validation

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Site Survey

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Heartland Quality Assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a practice designed to avoid mistakes and defects in manufacturing products or services. The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems defines quality assurance as part of quality management focused on providing confidence quality requirements are fulfilled.

What is the difference between quality control and quality assurance?

Quality assurance is the proactive process used to manage quality in producing a product or service. In contrast, quality control is the process used to verify the quality of the product or service.

What is a quality assurance officer?

Quality assurance officers oversee production and quality procedures, keep records of the work, and prepare reports on adherence and deviations from quality standards for management.

What is a quality assurance review?

Quality assurance reviews assess the effectiveness of quality programs and related procedures in achieving conformance to standards.

How to create a quality assurance program?

There are seven steps to creating a quality assurance program.

  1. Define quality objectives
  2. Establish roles and responsibilities
  3. Establish policies and procedures
  4. Implement the policies and procedures
  5. Collect and measure results
  6. Make adjustments as necessary
  7. Iterate
How to improve quality assurance processes?

Here are five tips to improving quality assurance:

  1. Define quality from the customer perspective
  2. Develop an organizational culture that prioritizes quality
  3. Begin testing early in processes
  4. Conduct team training frequently
  5. Solicit customer feedback
What are quality assurance standards?

Quality assurance standards define requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics for products and services that, when used consistently, ensure the products and services are always of high quality.


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