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When it comes to selecting hardware vendors, at Heartland, we believe in quality over quantity. Each of our hardware vendors was carefully screened and selected to meet the specific needs of our customer base. We don’t use the word partner lightly, and we don’t change partners based on the direction of today’s wind.


Your Questions Answered

The network is the backbone of modern business. To keep employees productive, you need a reliable and safe network. The following is some Q&A to help you get started.

What is network infrastructure?

Network infrastructure refers to all of the components and sub-components of a network (switches, routers, cabling, etc.) that make a local or wide area network function and connect it to the Internet.

How to implement a network infrastructure?

Implementing network infrastructure starts with having a plan. The plan should take into consideration the bandwidth needs of applications and users, the physical location of users, the capabilities of communication providers in those areas, and network security. Network infrastructure implementation is the execution of that plan, including installing and testing the necessary network components such as routers, switches, cabling, etc.

How to evaluate network infrastructure?

When evaluating network infrastructure, one should focus on these four questions:

  • Were sufficient levels of engineering and architecture disciplines employed in the planning and designing of the network.
  • Are the resources in use well supported and maintained?
  • Is there a sufficient system in place to monitor for issues and resolve them properly?
  • Are adequate controls are in place to ensure the security, availability, and survivability of the network based on risk?

How to plan network infrastructure?

To plan a network infrastructure, you need to consider the bandwidth needs of applications and end-users, the physical location of the users, the capabilities of communication providers in those locations, and network security. Once this is done, you need to determine the physical network components necessary to support those users and applications and develop a plan to configure and install those components.

How to improve network infrastructure?

To improve network infrastructure, you should make sure all software and firmware are up to date, monitor for network bottlenecks, segment high usage areas, segment low priority traffic, check for malware, and offer guests a separate network.

How can you recognize an unsecured wireless network?

To recognize an unsecured wireless network look for a warning symbol next to the wifi icon when searching for available networks. A secure wireless network will have a lock next to it in the list of available networks.


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