Heartland Fleet Route Management Solutions

Fleet Route Management

Heartland’s fleet management specialists can help you equip your vehicles with GPS tracking solutions and implement fleet management software to enable effective tracking and route management.

Improve access to field service technical documentation

Heartland fleet route management solutions are proven to reduce fuel consumption with more efficient routing and monitoring of vehicles and drivers. 

GPS positioning allows fleet managers to see a real-time picture of vehicle locations and traffic conditions so drivers can quickly get to their destination on time, every time. 

Don’t let a change in delivery throw your schedule off. Accommodating same-day delivery changes is easy because optimal route planning makes deliveries faster, making customers happier.

route management
route management

Fleet Route Management Benefits


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl is a leading EMM solution.

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Honeywell Workflow Solutions

Honeywell workforce and task management software solutions provide advanced data collection and analytics capabilities, enabling you to maximize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring process compliance.

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Zebra Intelligent Edge Solutions

Intelligently connect your company’s assets, data and people in collaborative workflows. Sense what’s happening, analyze or anticipate the implication, and make best-action decisions in real time.


Maintenance costs can attribute anywhere from 30% to 50%of the total cost of ownership for fleets.

Let us help you decrease fleet TCO




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Frequently Asked Questions

Heartland’s fleet management services can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, extend vehicle life, improve safety, and ensure compliance.

What does route management mean?

Route management means planning and adapting the path fleet vehicles take to conduct their daily business. The goal of route management is to put and keep the vehicle on the most efficient path. 

What is route management software?

Route management software provides a programmatic method for planning the optimal path for a vehicle to take to reach its destination. Route management software uses many variables in determining optimal vehicle routing including traffic along the vehicle's route, speed limits, construction, tolls, etc. 

How do you manage routes?

Managing routes involves identifying stops and skills needed at each stop and then assigning drivers and adapting for traffic variables. Fleet managers assign drivers routes bases on required skills and geography. Routes are typically structured with stops starting at the ones closest to the point of origin to those furthest away. Routes are adapted to account for accidents, construction, and other variables that change the optimal path as the vehicle progresses on its route. 


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