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Mobile Device Management

From manufacturing through delivery, mobile devices play a huge role in most operations. When you rely on mobile devices 24/7 to get goods to market, you can’t afford downtime. That’s why Heartland sells the top brands and provides industry-leading mobile device management solutions.

Heartland’s managed services include configuring, securing, and supporting wireless and mobile devices to ensure they’re AlwaysOn.

AlwaysOn is not just a slogan at Heartland; it is a commitment to customers. A commitment that doesn’t end with the sale of a mobile device but is there for you every day to ensure customers can rely on them.

Mobile Device Management


Wireless Network Optimization

The value of mobile technology is severely diminished without network connectivity. Unfortunately, the environments where most businesses need mobile technology most are the most unforgiving. Large metal buildings filled with metal shelves or manufacturing equipment present some of the worst settings.

Dead zones. Overlapping signals. Dropped devices. Your technology is only as good as the network it runs on. When networks fail, operations suffer, and so does the bottom line.

Heartland’s AlwaysConnected managed services bring our network expertise to your enterprise, simplifying support, eliminating downtime, and increasing productivity by 5-10%. From on-site diagnostic surveys to network tuning and monitoring, Heartland’s engineers create a custom plan to optimize your mobile network performance.


Need A Strategy For Mobile Technology?

Check out six things to consider before making your next mobile technology purchase.

Heartland Solutions

Mobile Device Management Solutions From Shop Floor to Front Door

Quality Assurance
Asset Management
Food Safety
Cannabis Compliance
Shipping & Receiving
Warehouse Management
Cross Docking
Reverse Logistics
Cold Chain Management
Proof of Receipt
Fleet Management
Yard Management
Terminal Operations
Retail Price Checks
Inventory Management
Store Layout & Flow
Order Processing
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Route Management
Field Mobility
Inventory Management

Cannabis Manufacturing & Distribution

Streamline and optimize inventory management at each phase of your cannabis operation including cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation, lab testing and dispensing.

Cold Storage

Refrigerated warehousing and cold storage face a unique set of challenges. Heartland is the leader in solutions for cold storage supply chain, giving customers tools to simplify track and trace, reduce data logging costs, differentiate transit services, reduce spoilage and increase quality.

Food And Beverages

Distributors in beverage, beer, and wine markets manage increasingly complex operations. Heartland specializes in data capture solutions that gather information through the entire supply chain to the point of sale, including systems of record at the manufacturing, distribution, and storage levels. 

Get The Right Mobile Device Management Solution For Your Business.

Heartland specializes in process intense businesses requiring end-to-end solutions for tracking and compliance.

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