Thrive in today’s fast-paced supply chains…

when you empower operations with voice-directed solutions tailored to increase employee focus and reduce costly errors and downtime. Whether you’re looking to optimize order fulfillment or simplify new employee onboarding, cut down training times, and secure accurate workflows with best-in-class voice technologies.

voice directed solutions being put to use in warehouse

Understanding the Basics of Voice

Adaptable and easy-to-grasp, voice technology can be implemented in crucial workflows seamlessly. While specialized use cases may require modifications, voice solutions essentially follow these steps:

icon1-modifiedUnderstanding the Basics of Voice

Our partnership with leading manufacturers guarantees you’ll receive devices built for stringent use.


icon2-modifiedVoice system relays commands via headset

to direct workers how and where to complete tasks. Worker confirms tasks verbally, bypassing manual data entry.

icon3-modifiedVoice system is connected to your database systems (ERP, WMS, etc.)

Once connected, the voice systems uses AI and incoming data to create work assignments and commands.

icon4-modifiedData is stored in your databases

automating documentation, and providing real-time visibility into main workflows.


Unlock More Benefits

with Heartland Voice Solutions
Easier employee
Assisted maintenance and inspection checklists
Directed pick paths
Greater inventory
compliance codes
20% increase in
work safety

Bring the Power of Voice Anywhere You Need It

Production Lines

  • Record WIPs digitally in real-time
  • Train new hires with voice commands
  • Monitor raw material levels to proactively replenish stocks
voice picking in production lines

Distribution Centers

  • Organize pick paths based on incoming orders
  • Verify orders are accurate before they leave the shipping dock
  • Streamline communication and data sharing through one terminal
Voice picking in Distribution centers

Field Service

  • Enable offline updates for remote workers
  • Direct maintenance and inspection workflows
  • Safeguard worker safety
Voice Picking in Field Service

And Everything Else

  • Locate products in the storefront
  • Match patient to correct treatment plans
  • Reduce asset breakdowns
Voice picking solutions in all departments


  • Assisted device procurement
  • Software integration and reconfiguration
  • Assisted rollouts for faster deployments
  • Ongoing maintenance and support


  • Comprehensive site surveys
  • Minimized dead zones for less dropped signals
  • Tailored infrastructure design

How will Voice Transform Your Operations?

Reach out to a Heartland voice specialist to explore the benefits of voice in your facility, or schedule a demo to witness the next level of automated efficiency in your operations.