3 Tips for Reducing Worker Stress in the Warehouse

3 Tips for Reducing Worker Stress in the Warehouse

Nov 03, 2022

Worker stress can escalate as the year ends and the holiday season inflates demands. Additionally, labor shortages, device shortages, and tight shipping timelines can make it harder for workers to do their jobs and more likely to leave. Studies show that the overall turnover rate is 57.3% but 75% of the reasons for employee turnover can be prevented. Studies indicate that 87% of warehouse decision-makers consider improved employee retention a high or critical priority over the next five years. If businesses prioritize improving conditions and reducing stress, more employees could leave and prevent operations from being prepared for peak season.


Studies specify that 51% of industry professionals expect a worse 2022 peak season than last year and only 20% of consumers are willing to forgive delivery disruptions. Without solutions that improve the employee experience, businesses could suffer from worker shortages during the busiest time of the year. Therefore, a willingness to manage workforce stress can help retain more employees so your business overcomes labor shortages and adapts to demands. To combat these challenges, warehouses must find ways to alleviate worker stress and boost productivity. Consider implementing these best practices to meet consumer and worker expectations:


  1. Empower ease of use from your mobile devices - Modern devices can help deliver ease of use to your employees with an ergonomic design. Easy-to-use mobility helps promote productivity and let your workers be comfortable so they can easily do their jobs and manage stress. When you pair these devices with an experienced support team, it removes the headache of mobile device management and creates a positive working environment.
  2. Boost staff communication and collaboration - Efficient communication can give workers fast access to help if they need to contact their team. A workforce that streamlines wireless connectivity can efficiently collaborate on tasks and fluidly meet demands. When you eliminate dead zones, overlapping signals, and dropped devices, workflows are smoother.
  3. Improve accuracy with simplified modernization - When you automate repetitive warehouse tasks, employees can work on more fulfilling ones. Workers should feel more empowered and less stressed when they feel their time is valuable, which also boosts productivity. Warehouse automation and empowered employees simplify warehouse modernization to ensure orders and deliveries are more precise. You can satisfy employees, improve customer relationships, and build trust through modernization.


Inflated consumer expectations require warehouse employees to pick faster and more accurately. When workers get too consumed with maintaining accuracy and completing tasks faster, it can lead to higher stress and a higher safety risk. When your warehouse suffers from the following challenges, it may be time to start implementing solutions that can help employees manage the warehouse.

  • Frustrated workers
  • Inconsistent communication
  • Slower timelines


Warehouses can reduce worker stress and improve productivity with easy-to-use devices, effective communication, and improved accuracy. Contact us to learn more about solutions that help your warehouse adapt to demands and retain more employees.