3 tips to stay ahead of device shortages.

Sep 15, 2022

As mobile devices become more important to businesses that need to keep up with demands, the amount of available devices is shrinking from shortages. Mobile device shortages prevent businesses from meeting consumer demands and efficiently shipping orders. This is due to raw material shortages that impact technology manufacturers. Studies show that the demand for critical raw materials is about to increase until 2050, which is by around 500% according to projections from the World Bank. While it’s not impossible to find new devices, businesses simply don’t have the time to wait for devices to come back in stock.


Integrating and deploying brand new devices can cost significant time and expenses when you workers should be focused on completing tasks. While this option definitely delivers the latest modernization benefits, there are other ways to scale modernization without delays.


Explore your options.

Heartland helps eliminate fulfillment roadblocks with timely device rentals, so you can continue to empower your teams with the latest technologies with fewer acquisition headaches. To overcome device shortages and supply chain challenges, consider these alternative options:


  1. Streamline workflows through multi-functional devices - Implementing flexible mobile devices can give your workers several functions to operate in various applications. Flexible devices offer real-time data access, actionable insights, and rugged durability to maximize efficiency and streamline consistency. They also help your warehouse decision-makers, retail associates, or delivery drivers eliminate blind spots for easier scalability and smoother workflows. Multi-functional devices help reduce the impacts of device shortages because you can do more with a single device instead of needing a whole fleet to fulfill tasks.
  2. Implement versatile software - Software equipped with multiple features like multi-functional devices gives your business flexible security and maintenance. Consistent security updates and dependable maintenance paired with dependable mobility can minimize downtime by reducing errors and eliminating legacy solutions. Reducing downtime in your business can help you overcome device shortages because when more devices are operational, you don’t need more to stay productive.
  3. Find a rental solution that works for your needs - When you rent devices that meet your business needs it directly enhances the efficiency of your entire supply chain. The mobility feature in a rental solution ensures faster, accurate, and on-time orders. This helps overcome device shortages because it is cost-effective and dependable when you need to keep up with shifting consumer demands. This creates a more scalable fulfillment process that completes more orders and keeps customers happy.


Renting mobile technology can be cost-effective and productive for your operations. Contact us today to learn how you can effectively eliminate device shortages and fulfillment roadblocks.