4 Ways to Increase Worker Safety in the Warehouse

Nov 01, 2022

Businesses need complete visibility to increase worker safety and maintain workflow accuracy when it comes to managing warehouse demands. Rising consumer expectations require warehouses to pick faster and with higher accuracy, but faster workflows shouldn’t put your employees at risk. If workers get consumed with maintaining accuracy and completing tasks faster, they can risk injury in the warehouse environment. Heavy equipment like forklifts and heavy pallets are the leading cause of injuries in the warehouse. Studies show that 90% of pallet rack failure is caused by a forklift.


When workers are focused on looking at devices and workflows, they aren’t aware of their environment and accidents from rack failure can happen. Incomplete visibility also leads to an inaccurate fulfillment process and causes more risks to your employees. To protect workers and increase safety in the warehouse, consider following these tips.


  1. Choose voice automation that helps your workers stay aware - Voice technology gives your workers hands-free, eyes-free operations at the point of inspection. Free operation helps minimize errors to improve worker safety and protect your workforce. Voice automation also helps workers save time during operations, so your workers can accurately and safely perform documentation.
  2. Enhance wireless connectivity and staff collaboration - Efficient collaboration between warehouse staff during high demands and fast workflows simplify warehousing and make it safer. When workers have faster connections with team members, workflows are smoother and safer in case of emergencies. A consistent and strong network that works to reduce dead zones and overlapping signals to streamline wireless connectivity and improve warehouse collaboration.
  3. Help your workers stay productive with hands-free data capture - Improper data access and a lack of awareness can be detrimental to employee safety and warehouse efficiency. However, workers can pay more attention to where they are going and they can stay prepared for their environments with the right tools. Hands-free BARCODE SOLUTIONS and on-counter scanners enable high-speed, hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode on any surface. Workers can stay productive and aware of their surroundings without taking their eyes off their workflows.
  4. Educate and certify employees - Experts agree that proper training and education can significantly reduce warehouse accidents. A training plan that’s based on safer principles can reduce potential hazards in the warehouse and help employees meet regulations. The combination of effective training and the right tools ensures that your warehouse workers are safe and prepared for a full shift.


Overall, hands-free technology, wireless connectivity, and proper training can increase worker safety in the warehouse and improve overall efficiency. Contact us to LEARN MORE about solutions that can help your warehouse improve safety.