4 Ways to Reduce Communication Breakdowns in the Warehouse

Nov 17, 2022

Since the digital age has revolutionized supply chains, businesses must provide fast wireless performance from their technologies. Wireless performance has become the foundation of productivity in virtually every industry, which forces businesses to find solutions that minimize connectivity errors. Studies indicate that 93% of business leaders acknowledge that effective communication is the backbone of their business, yet 72% say their team struggled with communication over the last year. Poor communication can lead to:

  • Stagnant or late deliveries
  • Lost items
  • An inability to forecast supply chain costs
  • Inefficient inventory management


Due to poor communication, studies estimate businesses lose $1.2 trillion annually. Therefore, even though decision-makers know the importance of effective communication, poor workforce communication still has a significant impact on costs and overall productivity. To keep poor wireless performance from disrupting productivity, look to break down communication issues with these practices:


  1. Tailor your network to address space challenges - A network that can efficiently manage space across a wide range of connectivity types improves scalability. An experienced support team can help your network establish BlueTooth, WiFi, LTE, and cellular capabilities to explore the best wireless systems for your space.
  2. Streamline workflows into one device to minimize interference - More devices can lead to higher traffic on the network and more interference. When you combine your workflows into one device, it creates less disruptions on your network and simplifies technology performance. Smoother connectivity can lead to consistent communication.
  3. Assess network before integrating new devices - When you add new devices, it’s important to have complete visibility into how your network works. Experts can assess your network to eliminate dead zones and dropped signals, prevent overlapping signals, and reduce IT interference. A deep inspection of your network can prevent communication breakdowns from happening in the future too.
  4. Pilot real-time updates - Miscommunication can lead to slower data access and inconsistent updates on assets. With reliable wireless connectivity and mobile devices like RFID technology, businesses get real-time asset visibility for enhanced data access and communication.


The digital age forces businesses to get fast wireless connectivity from their technologies and their network. Without the right tools and support to connect the supply chain, operations could fall behind supply chain demands. Poor communication leads to inflated costs and an inability to meet consumer expectations.


Prioritize wireless connectivity in your enterprise with support teams that maximize network performance. Contact us today to learn about which network capabilities fit your business.