5 Ways Voice Technology Improves Order Fulfillment

Nov 14, 2022

To establish faster and accurate fulfillment, warehouses and distribution centers have sought to expand inventory control and decrease touch points within the fulfillment process. Solutions that effectively give your business control have to create a faster fulfillment process that doesn’t compromise accuracy. Amongst the many solutions that are achieving this task and redefining fulfillment are voice-picking solutions . Studies show that voice picking technology can achieve accuracy levels of 99.99% since it leverages the power of automated data capture with the simplicity of vocal commands. As warehouses learn to navigate through persistent labor shortages and greater customer demands, voice picking solutions offer a cost-effective and modern way to accelerate throughput and maximize accuracy. .


Equipped with the correct tools, your business becomes more flexible to meet and adapt to demands. Working with leading voice technology developers such as Honeywell, Heartland’s modernization teams improve order fulfillment for :


  1. Greater insight into inventory location and cycle counts - Simplified, real-time data access gives your workers insight into inventory location and cycle counts to help prevent stockouts, check on inventory levels, and improve worker safety. This improves order fulfillment because your workers can efficiently locate and eliminate inventory stock problems to stay ahead of demands. This protects your bottom line from product shrinkage and backorders. Through our tech support teams, data is shared through a digitized platform to empower higher visibility.
  2. Minimized errors and costs with hands-free scanning - Equipping your workers with Honeywell Voice saves time in every pick to speed up the picking process. Voice picking technology also enables workers to grab, lift, and move items more efficiently, which saves an average of 2-3 seconds per pick compared to traditional picking systems. This not speeds up order fulfillment but also makes your inventory more accurate because it reduces the risk of manual errors. Saving time in every pick while also costs gives you control of your operations to optimize order fulfillment.
  3. Reduced training times and faster deployment - When your workers are trained with verbal instructions that free up employees’ hands and eyes, it speeds up training times and adoption by giving them more power over operations. Faster training times simplify fulfillment because it helps reduce downtime.
  4. Faster and more accurate order operations - Getting greater insight, minimizing errors, and reducing training times all come together to optimize order fulfillment in your operations. This is because these benefits create smoother shipping and distribution operations. When those important operations aren’t interrupted by errors or slowed down by downtime, your customers are satisfied and more orders are safely completed on time.
  5. Continuous process improvements - With greater insight into your workflow and advanced data collection, automated documentation, and analytics capabilities from voice technology, you optimize your mobile workforce’s productivity while ensuring compliance with standards.


Discover the Benefits of Heartland and Honeywell’s Partnership.

As the exclusive Honeywell partner, Heartland is prepared to help every warehouse reduce downtime and enhance accuracy with effective voice automation. From device management to EXPERIENCED WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY planning, expect quality and reliable performance with Heartland and Honeywell. Heartland delivers superior wireless planning and experienced solution management to your warehouse.

Voice-picking technology helps reduce errors and implement insight to optimize order fulfillment. Contact us today for a free assessment of your current systems to build a solution that’s customized to your environment.