How are Businesses Turning Downtime into Uptime.

Jul 28, 2022

As warehousing and manufacturing industries grapple with shifting labor turnover rates, it’s important to implement mobility solutions that help changing workforces meet demands. Choosing effective mobility solutions helps warehouses improve productivity and efficiency with automated inventory and shipping procedures. Despite the massive impact mobile devices play in boosting warehouse operations, device failure can severely diminish productivity levels.

It is estimated that at least 86% of companies have experienced some amount of unplanned downtime in the last few years, and 80% of facilities are unable to accurately calculate how much downtime is happening. Studies show that businesses waste an average of 2,000,000 hours and at least $260,000 a year from downtime. To reduce downtime rates and protect your mobile devices, several large-scale and growing businesses have turned to:

  1. Reliable device maintenance - Implementing services that continually maintain and manage your devices ensures that your workers are consistently working with capable technology, which helps your devices last longer and reduces downtime. As Honeywell’s exclusive H2A partner, Heartland supports mobility solutions with flexible ALWAYSON services to provide ongoing mobile device management within a tailored wireless infrastructure, so devices stay running for longer, thus avoiding breakdowns and downtime.
  2. Reliable durability built for challenging environments - 46% of unplanned downtime is due to device failure, so without more reliable devices, repair expenses can add up and increase your total operational costs and slow warehouse productivity. Implementing devices that are specifically built for use in warehouse environments reduces downtime by preventing breakdowns and offering longer device lifespans beyond traditional consumer 3-year plans. This has proven all the more indispensable for transportation teams as they travel through difficult environments and require devices built to last.
  3. Expert-level wireless planning to target connectivity issues - Your wireless network devices are only as good as the network they run on. Dead zones, overlapping signals, and dropped devices can derail teamwork. However, through wireless planning, a tailored connectivity network helps prevent these with tuning and monitoring. Dedicated wireless support through services like AlwaysConnected empowers workers with real-time operational visibility and undisrupted communication channels to effectively reduce downtime, even in challenging environments like cold storage and field work. By connecting teams through a dependable network, your workforce can update and share data to create proactive reaction plans that prevent downtime from happening.

Discover the benefits of Heartland and Honeywell’s H2A partnership.

As the exclusive H2A partner, Heartland is prepared to help every warehouse reduce downtime with effective and simplified modernization strategies. From device management to experienced wireless connectivity planning, expect quality and consistent performance with the Heartland/Honeywell Advantage. Contact us  today for a free assessment of your current systems to build a solution that’s customized to your environment.