How renting devices can maximize mobility and productivity

Aug 18, 2022

Mobile devices are becoming necessary for maintaining efficiency in your industry whether it's retail, logistics, cold chain, manufacturing, or distribution. This is because mobile devices improve accuracy, data capture, and productivity to create smoother operations and scalability. Studies show that 85% of store associates agree that they provide a better customer experience using handheld mobile computers with scanners. Furthermore, leading decision-makers seem to agree on equipping workers with mobile devices for partial automation. Recent studies indicate that low productivity costs employers around $1.8 MILLION ANNUALLY, which could affect businesses that have slower manual operations. Essentially, without mobile technology, a company could be left unprepared to face consumer expectations which leads to damaged operational efficiency and customer relationships. However, in an age where virtually everything is in low supply, acquiring enterprise-grade mobile devices has also become a challenge for businesses seeking to modernize.

Raw material shortages have been impacting technology manufacturers for quite some time, leading to device shortages across the globe. While it’s not impossible to find a new device, businesses simply don’t have the time to wait for devices to come back in stock. Therefore, rental devices have now become essential to keep operations running while still delivering the automation you need to keep your customers happy.


Evaluating your need for a rental.

Choosing the right device rentals for your company’s needs can help redefine operations and improve efficiency. As your committed solution provider, Heartland helps you assess your need for rental devices to unlock benefits such as:


  1. Cost reduction and improved revenue - Maintaining customer satisfaction and cost-saving at the same time can be difficult while adapting to demands. Striking a balance between the two is crucial in today’s competitive world with high-tech equipment. That’s why an ideal rental solution can help you save unnecessary transportation costs, wherever possible, by better planning, streamlining, and minimizing equipment downtime. Heartland’s AlwaysOn services offer a faster and more dependable way to manage your devices with fast repairs, spare pool management, and MDM.
  2. Complete visibility for your supply chain - Renting mobile technology and high-tech equipment requires you to manage revenue and inventory tracking. Well-integrated renting from Heartland offers you complete visibility into your devices through every stage of their lifecycle and also delivers real-time visibility of your assets to boost shipping. This alleviates your IT team from managing multiple devices so you can continue to focus on enhancing order fulfillment.
  3. Dependable planning that helps you stay prepared for demands - Real-time data access from your rented devices offers insights into rising demands during a particular time of the year. Rental solutions empower you with access to these devices, preventing data gaps from blinding you to incoming opportunities.
  4. Streamlined operations with collaboration between different teams - Using mobile technology, even just renting it, provides your teams with simpler connectivity to create a smoother flow of information. Teams that effectively communicate with one another get access to important data and information faster so they can make important decisions.
  5. Increased customer satisfaction with more flexibility - When you rent DEVICES THAT MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS it directly enhances the efficiency of your entire supply chain. The mobility feature in a solution ensures faster, accurate, and on-time orders. This creates more scalable supply chain operations that complete more orders and keep customers happy.


Renting mobile technology can be cost-effective while also preparing your business for rising demands. Contact us today to see how you can build scalability in your business.