How to Protect Assets from Incomplete Visibility

Oct 25, 2022

A business that isn’t equipped with real-time visibility can be unable to meet demands and grow operations. Faster inventory fulfillment, accuracy, asset management, and the flow of operations can be prevented or disrupted if businesses aren’t committed to achieving complete visibility. A business that focuses on creating real-time visibility can enable benefits like:

  • Increased customer service
  • Enhanced inventory management
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater data access
  • Strategize and plan more effectively
  • Increased customer satisfaction


While real-time visibility can enable benefits that redefine supply chain operations, it’s essential to match operations to the appropriate solution. Studies show that almost 70% of companies do not have total visibility over their supply chains. Additionally, studies show that 75% of companies felt negative impacts on their business due to supply chain disruption. If you don’t have the technology that permits supply chain visibility, you could be left with not enough or too much inventory, which can cause disruptions and higher expenses. Versatile in nature, RFID visibility solutions have progressed much throughout the years, enabling real-time tracking for most industries. A few popular RFID use cases include:

  1. Prioritized asset tracking - As stated, a business that suffers from incomplete visibility cannot create an accurate-enough inventory to manage assets. Real-time tracking from RFID solutions can help distributors and retailers take steps to achieve complete visibility. Additionally, location-aware data capture with RFID technology helps keep workplaces safe. When you leave your business with inefficient visibility, its inventories are left to suffer from shifting stock levels, which can impact delivery timelines so customers get their orders past delivery dates.
  2. Streamlined connectivity that fosters collaboration - While RFID technology works to establish real-time visibility, those devices can only boost operations when they are connected. Experienced wireless connectivity solutions can work to establish worker connections and eliminate connectivity issues like dead zones. Streamlined communication from experienced experts helps create smoother workflows because workers can accomplish tasks faster and talk to each other if challenges arise. A supply chain that establishes advanced communication fosters visibility because it empowers workers to adapt to misplaced items and inventory levels.
  3. Updated inventory counts with connected and more accurate workflows - When you integrate RFID technology and wireless connectivity, your workers gain an edge with supply chain visibility that can anticipate when demands could shift and prepare for it. RFID devices and wireless connectivity can enable instant updates on cycle counts to reduce errors and lost assets. A streamlined fulfillment process ensures accurate asset locationing when you need them the most or effective management when stocks are low.

Businesses that implement wireless connectivity and RFID technology can create complete visibility. LEARN MORE about how you can start optimizing your facility's visibility to eliminate blindspots from your workflows.