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Leading the Way: Heartland Honored as Two-Time Partner of the Year by Honeywell

Feb 22, 2024

MCHENRY IL – Showcasing our steadfast commitment to progress and excellence in service to our valued clients, Heartlanda pioneer in mobile computing technology and wireless networks for the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, third-party logistics, and retail sectors for over three decadesis thrilled to announce its claim of the esteemed 2023 Partner of the Year award from Honeywell. This achievement marks a historic milestone as Heartland wins this prestigious accolade for two consecutive years.

This announcement comes on the heels of an outstanding year defined by numerous successful initiatives aimed at driving modernization, which proved to be crucial in addressing the contemporary challenges faced by today's supply chains. Through a strong partnership, Heartland has persistently leveraged its partnership with Honeywell to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients—coupled with extraordinary customer service that has fueled considerable sales growth. Our clients benefit from our adaptable, yet powerful, technological solutions tailored to meet their evolving needs.

"We are honored by this recognition, which reaffirms the strength of our strategic alignment and mutual investment in partnership with Honeywell. Our shared dedication to innovation and customer-centricity has propelled us forward, enabling us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. This award is a testament to the collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment of both organizations toward achieving excellence in the supply chain industry." - Michael Grudecki, VP of Sales and Marketing at Heartland.

Throughout the past year, Heartland has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to collaboration and customer satisfaction, comfortably surpassing Honeywell's benchmarks for quality, reliability, and technological expertise. Our deep understanding of Honeywell's offerings allows us to provide customers with the most suitable solutions to fulfill their requirements.

In today's lively business environment, enterprises must navigate persistent and ever-changing obstacles such as inflation, labor shortages, and evolving compliance regulations. In response, Heartland's AlwaysOn and AlwaysConnected teams stand ready to streamline deployments and upgrades, utilizing Honeywell's rugged devices and extensive productivity solutions.

"As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, I am reminded of the invaluable partnership we have cultivated with Honeywell. This win is a testament to the power of collaboration and the mutual commitment to excellence that defines our relationship. Together, we have navigated challenges, leveraged opportunities, and consistently delivered innovative solutions to our clients. This recognition underscores the significance of working hand in hand, and I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together." - Todd Greenwald, CEO of Heartland.

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