Why ransomware attacks increase by 70% between November and January

Nov 22, 2022

Cybersecurity threats challenge businesses year-round, yet end-of-year operations face greater threats. Studies estimate that the number of attempted ransomware attacks increases by 70% between November and January. Attacks are increased because hackers know companies are busier and more willing to pay a ransom than disrupt operations. Additionally, studies note that cybercrime will cost companies an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2025, which is up from $3 million in 2015.


Despite the need for stronger cybersecurity during peak season, studies show that businesses still admit cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. Many security executives say they’re unprepared for the threats ahead, as studies indicate 82% of CIOs believe their software supply chains are vulnerable. If that wasn’t enough, studies suggest that 41% of executives don’t think their security initiatives have kept up with digital transformation. On top of this, new reports suggest cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and socially engineered. More complex cyber attacks can severely plague businesses that haven’t kept up with digital transformation as they are more vulnerable.


Fortunately, more companies are looking for best practices to help manage the threats of cyber attacks and strengthen data protection. When you integrate dependable practices, it creates higher worker awareness to protect data. A few best practices include:


  • Properly training your employees on how to use mobile devices
  • Using secondary channels or two-factor authentication
  • Being aware of hyperlinks that may contain misspellings
  • Enabling consistent security updates on your devices


Find new opportunities to strengthen your network and devices.  

Businesses protect data and efficiency when they leverage best practices for their workforce with solutions that enhance mobile device performance and management. When employees are more aware of security measures and devices are protected, it secures operations in time for peak season.


  1. Managed security and consistent patches - Get managed security solutions to prepare for cyber threats. Managed security provides OS updates, immediate security patches, and data backups to strengthen data protection in time for the holidays. Stronger data protection and mobility solutions are possible when you leverage your budget and choose device rental solutions that meet enterprise needs.
  2. Enable growth with advanced mobile device management - When you get the most out of your mobile devices, it improves usage and protects important data. A comprehensive support team can prepare your operations for growth while upgrading your technologies seamlessly. Technologies improved by a support team can therefore grow with business operations and are more prepared for the holiday season and cyber threats.
  3. Wirelessly secure your workforce and network - Simplify management and data protection for your network with endpoint protection, stronger firewalls, and access control and management. Since the digital age demands fast wireless performance, your network must keep up during the holiday season.


Data protection is the most important during the holiday season when demands and expectations are higher. Contact us today to learn more about the best practices and solutions to maximize cybersecurity in your enterprise