Robotics and Worker Safety Go Together. Here's why:

Nov 09, 2022

Warehouse environments can get busy when trying to meet consumer expectations. When people, products, and lift trucks are all in one area at the same time, a warehouse environment can also be hazardous and risk worker safety. Studies indicate that companies pay about $150,000 per accident. Warehouse accidents can lower worker morale, diminish productivity, and inflate training costs on top of the concern it causes employees. The most common injuries in the warehouse are:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling, or reaching
  • Material handling and forklift accidents

Fortunately, worker safety can be improved when you find solutions that reduce the risk of an accident. Automation solutions such as warehouse robotics can prioritize worker safety by reducing or eliminating repetitive, dangerous tasks. Studies show that over 620,000 robotics are shipped to warehouses worldwide. When workers don’t focus on repetitive and dangerous tasks, it creates a healthier working environment where tasks can be more fulfilling. Warehouses can stay safe and productive with robotics because they:


  1. Keep your workers’ eyes up instead of fixed on a screen - AUTONOMOUS MOBILE ROBOTS (AMRS) keep your worker’s eyes away from screens and focus on picking to reduce storage errors and costs. AMRs maximize inventory control with automated picking assistance, so your teams can pinpoint lowering stock levels with real-time data. Fewer errors and a more alert workforce prioritize safety and accuracy.
  2. Minimize stress and reduce training times - Automated scanning from warehouse robotics is a lifeline in preventing misplaced and stolen products. Fixed Industrial Scanners (FIS) can help pinpoint products for greater visibility, less stress, and shorter training times. Greater visibility and less stress improve safety and asset management in the warehouse. FIS also provides hands-free verification for finished orders and real-time alerts of any inaccuracies for safer and more productive workflows.
  3. Reduce labor efforts and travel time around the warehouse - Robotics can make it easier for your employees by transporting completed pallets while your workers stay safe in the picking aisles. Robotics helps reduce travel time around the warehouse with optimized picking routes.
  4. Connect workers for real-time updates - Warehouse robotics also help connect warehouse workers in the loading dock with the rest of the team for real-time updates. Stronger connections and real-time updates can help workers stay informed and get information faster. A more informed workforce boosts visibility so your workers are more aware of workflows and better protected.


Busy warehouse environments force businesses to prioritize safety with robotics solutions that can alleviate the pressure on employees. Contact us to learn more about how you can keep your warehouse safe and productive.