Top Technology Issues Faced in the Warehouse

Apr 26, 2022

Mobile devices play a major role in warehouse management. Effectively implementing a mobility solution can help streamline inventory productivity and combat issues. In fact, in today’s warehousing industry, STUDIES CONTINUE to emphasize poor inventory control as one of the top profit-drainers in today’s supply chains. This includes not having a proper inventory software system, having too much inventory on hand, and the misplacement of materials and items. While next-evolution technologies have been shown to minimize these issues, complex implementation processes can also create new problems, further hindering the bottom line alongside these prominent warehouse issues:

  1. Dropped connectivity signals - As automations continues to reshape the face of the modern supply chain, secured networks are crucial to protect uptime. Dropped sessions pause productivity and may even affect inventory visibility since workers are not able to access real-time counts from dead zones.

  2. Vulnerable cyber space - Though familiar, legacy devices cannot support current upgrades, enabling security risks in your digital infrastructure. This has forced companies to choose between maximized data security and ease-of-use, a choice that could be detrimental to overall business.

  3. Flawed WMS implementations - A successful warehouse management system must uphold visibility within and beyond the four walls to coordinate receiving, picking, putaway, and loading. However, if different parts of the supply chain lack visibility, it can impact a WMS’ ability to estimate inventory delivery, update shipping times, and report accurate counts.

  4. More errors due to incomplete training - Prolonged peak seasons coupled with persistent labor shortages have left little time for proper employee training. Consequently, warehouses must grapple with the choice between proper employee training and faster productivity.

Without mobile device management solutions that minimize mobility issues, your technology’s usability could falter and leave inventory operations unprepared to keep up with customer demands. This slows warehouse productivity and decreases supply chain visibility, which impacts delivery times and reduces customer satisfaction. Studies show that 34% of businesses have shipped an order late due to selling a product that wasn’t in stock, which breaks consumer trust.

How to combat technology issues in the warehouse with Heartland.

 Luckily, to ensure these errors are minimized, Heartland prioritizes superior solutions and simpler workflows with experienced mobile device management solutions. See that your warehouse technology is properly managed with…

  • Optimized network connectivity - A wireless network that has drop zones and unreliable wireless connectivity is the biggest deterrent to mobile devices. Solutions that can combat this, like Heartland’s AlwaysConnected services, implement a plan from expert engineers to optimize mobile network performance. Your mobile devices are only as good as the network they run on, ensure they optimize productivity and make your network stronger.

  • Dependable mobile device management - Effective mobile device management is critical in businesses due to shifting demands and operating errors. Luckily, Heartland’s AlwaysOn suite of solutions helps you streamline and simplify your mobile operations. This frees up your workers to focus on important tasks instead of fixing devices, which leads to reduced downtime rates and higher visibility, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Maximized mobility and efficiency - With an optimized network and effective mobile device management, your business can ensure that its mobility solutions are properly used to maximize productivity. Heartland combines effective mobile device management and advanced wireless connectivity with AlwaysOn and AlwaysConnected so you can get the most out of your mobile devices.

As supply chain challenges continue to evolve, intelligent modernization strategies must grow alongside them. To learn more about how you can mature your operations, contact us at Heartland to see how to get the most out of your automation solutions.