What will your warehouse need this Peak Season?

What Technology Will Reign Supreme in the 2023 Peak Season?

Oct 09, 2023

Peak season is nearing for all retailers with each passing day, as major holidays begin to loom on the horizon. This means a spike in sales for products, services, or other distribution items, which can result in incredible profits. However, this also means a growing stress on warehouses and retailers to meet these larger demands. Accuracy and speed with shipping are now expected to be better than ever, and failure to deliver on these attributes when it comes time to fulfill an order can cause a rift between consumers and businesses.

Order-picking technology from Heartland and Honeywell can help create easier solutions for handling spikes in demand, data collection, and volatile inventory numbers. Whether you need to alleviate bottlenecks at the printing station or rapidly onboard seasonal workers with enterprise-ready handhelds, modernized picking solutions offer flexible approaches to maximizing efficiency with less stress.

But which order-picking technology is the best for handling these spikes in shopping?

The best technology ultimately depends on the specific needs and requirements of each business. It's important to carefully evaluate the options and choose the one that will provide the most value and efficiency for your operations. We’ll take a closer look into four types of technologies that universally can dominate in the 2023 peak season.

Safeguard Accuracy with Automated Data Capture

When managing thousands of incoming orders and sudden spikes in demand, picking teams require agile automation to stay ahead of changes and connected to manufacturers and retailers. Organizations seeking to digitize the fulfillment process have already begun adopting digital tools such as cordless handheld scanners to verify barcodes for items within their order. Similarly, rugged handheld computers can display WMS updates to verify products are correctly stocked and ready for picking. Moreover, when equipped with an integrated scanner, enterprise handhelds can help update your database without pen-and-paper reporting.

One of the beauties of traditional barcoding is its scalability and adaptability. Built with Android’s open ecosystem, handheld devices are adaptable to fulfill multiple tasks in the order-picking process, empowering teams with:

  • Accurate data processing
  • Real-time insights into stock levels
  • Faster cycle counting
  • Longer battery power
  • Maximized durability for fewer repairs
  • Connectivity in the FORKLIFT

RFID Tracking Made Easier with Mobile Devices

RFID scanning has become an essential part of not just retail but across the supply chain from the production floor to the last mile. Real-time visibility allows businesses to track and manage inventory accurately for faster decision-making. However, traditional RFID systems require specialized hardware and software, which can be costly and difficult to implement.

Fortunately, an experienced solution provider can make RFID tracking more accessible and user-friendly, allowing for streamlined data control. One of the main advantages of using mobile devices for RFID tracking is convenience. Mobile devices are lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to carry around a warehouse or store. This means that employees can quickly scan items as they move around, without having to stop and use a stationary reader, which can be crucial when peak season arrives, and larger inventory numbers need to be controlled.

Another advantage of mobile RFID tracking is improved accuracy. Mobile devices can capture data in real-time, which means that businesses can quickly identify any discrepancies in inventory levels. This can help prevent stockouts and overstocking, which can lead to lost sales and wasted resources, especially when numbers become disarrayed around the holidays.

In addition to convenience and improved accuracy, mobile devices are cost-effective. Traditional RFID systems can be expensive to purchase and maintain. By using mobile devices, businesses can save on hardware costs and reduce the need for specialized training. Additionally, mobile apps can be easily updated and customized, which means that businesses can adapt their RFID tracking system to their specific needs. Mobile devices are also built for sustainability and durability, which removes the need for constant model updates.

Flexible Scanning and Smart Computing with Wearable Computers

Warehouses aren’t all the same, and the specific needs of each business will vary based on that. Businesses with larger spaces or spaces that use an object-moving vehicle, for example, will ultimately need accessible technology without the stress of misplacing or losing tools.

The flexibility of wearable computers from Honeywell allows for a wide range of applications within distribution services. These scanning capabilities are especially useful for workers who need to scan barcodes or QR codes in a unique spot, such as from a forklift. With a wearable computer, there is no need to carry around a bulky scanner or constantly reach for a smartphone. The convenience of having a scanner on your wrist – or better yet, on your finger- allows for quicker and more accurate data collection, which can save time and reduce errors when time is of the utmost importance. It also encourages device responsibility amongst your workforce, which can be crucial come peak season.

Smart computing is another feature of wearable computers that is changing the way we interact with technology. These devices are equipped with sensors and algorithms that enable them to collect and analyze data in real-time like a traditional barcode scanner. Being able to improve worker efficiency without a complex integration process will help lead to a hands-free yet intelligent improvement to asset management come peak season this year.

Optimize Your Worker’s Communication with Voice Systems

Having an effective system of communication is crucial for the success of any organization. With the rise of voice systems and technology from Honeywell, optimizing your worker's communication has become easier than ever. Voice systems have revolutionized the way we communicate, making it faster, more efficient, and easier to understand.

Voice systems offer a hands-free, eyes-free way to communicate, making it ideal for workers who need to be hands-on, especially when there isn’t time in the busier parts of the year. Voice systems also offer a faster way to communicate, which can save time and increase productivity. To optimize your worker's communication with voice systems, you need to ensure that the system is easy to use and understand. Fortunately, Honeywell’s line of wireless headsets and other voice system technologies are easy to learn and even easier to integrate into your workplace’s pre-established systems. When it comes to being fast and accurate when things become busy, having a solid voice system is a key part of handling peak season.

Wrap Up 2023’s Peak Season with Picking Technology from Heartland and Honeywell

Peak periods within every year don’t need to be a major cause for concern. Picking the best technology to help manage higher inventory numbers and increase profits can be simple. Heartland and Honeywell offer the latest gear needed to handle whatever is thrown your company’s way, from state-of-the-art voice systems to wearable scanners fit for flexibility within the workplace. Don’t just manage larger inventory numbers in 2023: see how you can optimize the process like never before. Reach your potential and discover how your business can stay AlwaysOn in peak season with Heartland.