Why managing a warehouse with RFID tracking is easier

Jul 20, 2022

Adapting to shifting customer expectations is crucial to consistently maintain effective warehouse accuracy and efficiency. That’s why more companies are employing RFID technology that delivers fast data capture and inventory accuracy. Achieving both higher accuracy and faster data access in real-time to your warehouse can effectively bring warehouse efficiency to a rate that actually surpasses customer expectations. Research shows that complete order accuracy is possible with RFID, and that almost 70% of orders based on legacy barcode scanning solutions contain errors. As products become ever more diverse, the chance for error increases, even with automated data capture. Consequently, to avoid tagging products with multiple barcodes, many warehouses have chosen to deploy RFID tags which can hold up to 40 codes in one tag.

 Furthermore, studies also show that 8 out of 10 of shoppers want same-day shipping, and 61% want their packages even faster. Therefore, without higher accuracy from RFID technology, legacy scanning solutions will cause more errors and prevent your distribution center or warehouse from achieving same-day shipping and meeting customer expectations.

Utilizing RFID technology solutions reduces errors and stockouts while consistently tracking customer demands to maintain accuracy. Managing your RFID technology and pairing it with connectivity solutions helps get the most out of it and boost real-time inventory tracking and faster fulfillment processing times.


Take simplification a step farther by combining RFID with remote Mobile Device Management

To reap the 99.9% accuracy and speed up fulfillment times, RFID has now become necessary to meet demands. Secure your warehouse workflows by pairing RFID technology with mobile device management and connectivity solutions that improve safety and consistency. Redefine warehouse operations with RFID that is paired with MDM solutions to deliver...


  1. Faster connectivity with real-time visibility - Choosing to integrate RFID data capture and mobile computing within a reliable connectivity network provides accurate data to multiple teams in real-time for faster response times. For example, updated counts and locations can accelerate order picking for quicker service and more complete orders.      
  2. Minimized replacement costs - Replacing damaged or stolen devices and tracking leads to increased downtime, which leads businesses to waste countless hours seeking for replacements and unseen data. Luckily, Heartland’s RFID solutions combined with AlwaysOn offer a fast and reliable way to track assets without having to count each item individually. A faster and more reliable asset tracking solution helps enhance fulfillment and get the most out of your technology.
  3. Simplified mobile device management - Choosing Heartland’s AlwaysOn managed service and RFID solutions helps workers verify device usage and placement, ensuring equipment is properly stored at the end of every shift to avoid breakdowns and misplacements. Greater device availability secures the higher accuracy and faster shipments that your business needs to optimize workflows during peak season.
  4. Reduced downtime by consolidating workflows - Fortified printing solutions paired with RFID applications automatically track the flow of goods and upload the information to your system. Therefore, they can remove the need for manual form filling and replace outdated spreadsheets. Heartland’s printing solutions and RFID readers help reduce labor costs, downtime, return shipment costs, and chargebacks to make your business more accurate and efficient during peak season.
  5. Maximized data accuracy and visibility - Secure data collection leads to avoided errors, accurate inventory visibility, and fewer stockouts. Modernized mobile and handheld RFID readers are now designed for fast-paced distribution processes and can help you gain instant visibility into your operations by connecting to your centralized database for instant count updates. Listen to our podcast to find new ways that maintain productivity and build a stronger mobile enterprise.

Optimize your mobility strategy with RFID solutions and management solutions that optimize warehouse operations. Contact us today to discover how you can empower both faster and more accurate distribution workflows to surpass customer expectations.