Do you know where your mobile devices are? Apex AXCESS can tell you


When introducing mobile technology into your workforce, there are countless options to increase supply chain productivity, though the additional cost and potential headache of tracking, managing, and maintaining those assets are often overlooked. Holding employees accountable for mobility investments can be challenging; between hand-written forms, rarely updated Excel spreadsheets, or hiring someone to be an equipment manager/assignee, there are still gaps in recording data. Streamline your supply chain by incorporating Apex Axcess, a self-serve solution.

For years and across multiple facilities, Heartland has been assisting customers with the ROI justification and implementation of robust asset tracking systems such as the Apex AXCESS™ Series of smart lockers. The self-serve Apex AXCESS solution allows you to use your existing access control RFID badges to access the smart locker system – reducing your administrative burden and ongoing managerial overhead. Even without an existing access control system in place, you can use employee ID numbers and PIN-based logins for the Apex AXCESS locker systems, allowing your business to obtain proper asset tracking with minimal effort.


The Apex AXCESS smart locker system offers varying locker sizes and compartment configurations to accommodate the size of your devices and your desired location, making your locker as cost-effective as possible.

The entire smart locker system uses a cloud-based platform that can send alerts to appropriate personnel when incidents arise. This could be a device that has gone missing or has been out of service for too long, a returned device with damage, or any other custom threshold you want to be notified of.

The list of robust controls and locker reports provided by the Apex AXCESS cloud-based solution is extensive. Among others, you can expect the following:

1. Option to assign custom assets to employees

2. Allowance of only one device per user
3. Real-time device usage
4. First in/first out deployment of assets to ensure all devices are being used regularly
5. Many more from the convenience of any computer or mobile device

You can have insight into all your Apex AXCESS smart locker locations for better inventory management of mobile devices. With the option to create separate and sub-level logins for local managers and supervisors, each has the ability to visualize and track their location’s assets via the platform.

If your team is tired of dealing with broken devices without accountability, relying on paper or form fill asset tracking, or the bottlenecks of having dedicated personnel at each site signing out equipment, ask Heartland about Apex AXCESS automated smart lockers.

We’ll show you how you can increase productivity by deploying assets faster, decrease downtime by ensuring assets are returned on time, reduce failure rates through end user compliance and accountability, and experience enhanced reporting and asset analytics at the corporate level. Decrease your bottom line expenditures and hardware replacements by implementing an Apex AXCESS automated smart locker solution today.

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