Maximize Your Investment In Mobile Technology

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How do effective organizations decide which mobile technology to invest in? What if you invest in the wrong tools?  What if they don’t work well together?

You need the hardware, but you don’t need the headache.

Choosing the right mobile technology for your business can be a challenge. Investing in the right technology helps organizations make significant strides in efficiency and accuracy and provides a better experience for employees and customers.

We’ve compiled a few key ways that you can trust your mobile technology investments are fully leveraged:

Get Strategic Mobile Technology

Before deciding which mobile technology to invest in, identify the challenges you want to overcome. Recognizing these challenges will aid in your research and selection of the solutions that will help you overcome those challenges.

Heartland can work with your team to identify opportunities to optimize your workflow and increase your efficiencies – assisting you in the appropriate technology selections.

Pay Attention to Employee Feedback

Are you aware of the day-to-day challenges employees face using these technologies? Are dropped RF signals an issue? Are the scanners reading everything? Do employees even understand all the features of the technology?

Minutes wasted on the warehouse floor mean opportunities lost. Malfunctioning devices mean deadlines are missed. It’s critical that the operators understand their technology – the success of your investments is contingent on this.

Regularly seek feedback from your technology operators to understand the device challenges they’re facing. Include them in the technology process by allowing open communication for feedback. This feedback is valuable and serves as insight into your next investment.

Work with a Knowledgeable Mobile Technology Partner

This is where rubber meets the road and the heavy lifting begins. Rely on a subject matter expert to research new emerging technologies for you. Working with a qualified expert will streamline the process and maximize your investment quickly – getting the best devices in your hand the first time, every time.

Investing in the right mobile technology can be the necessary change for both your employee and customer experiences. Heartland brings decades of experience delivering custom solutions to simplify and optimize mobile workforces. Talk to a Heartland expert about your business needs – no one knows mobile technology like we do.

Joe Leucht
Director of Sales

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