Straining Your Warehouse Meraki Network?

“Wild.” “Chaotic.” “Incredible.” “Frightening.” These are just some of the words that we hear people using every day about the spread and reaction to the COVID-19 virus. You know, while we’re standing at least six feet apart and thoroughly washing our hands every 20 minutes. The one thing that everyone can agree upon is that this was unexpected and has thrown businesses into a tail spin.

Some businesses, like restaurants and other hospitality venues, have all but shut down. While others, like warehousing, have had to hire more people, set up mobile pop-ups in the parking lot and add additional peripherals to their mobile solutions.

All this adds up to a massive strain on your network that you certainly weren’t expecting and can’t afford to have fail you now.

If you’re running a Cisco Meraki network, Heartland can help ensure it continues to perform at its peak.

Heartland is the leader in supply chain technology, delivering custom solutions to optimize workforces. In short, we give businesses a competitive edge when they need it. We are headquartered in McHenry, IL, and bring unparalleled experience in the design, monitoring and maximization of Meraki Networks. While we are living up to our social responsibility to prevent the virus spreading further, we are also ensuring that our teams for repair and support remain ready to respond to your growing needs in these critical times.

Your Meraki Network needs a check up

Much like the rest of us, your network wasn’t planning on all the changes it’s been through in the past month or two. Greater reach. More devices. Remote workers. Granted, it’s a strong network, but your network is getting pushed to its limits… and maybe beyond. And when networks fail, operations suffer and so does your bottom line. Let Heartland perform a network diagnostic to ensure you’re productive and secure.

Site Survey

We can perform an onsite assessment of your wireless network operations by walk testing, auditing, and offering detailed analysis and diagnosis of your existing wireless network. We determine the optimal settings for your client devices and infrastructure, helping you achieve the best possible roaming performance.

Network Troubleshooting

We are unmatched in our ability to resolve problems and restore normal network operations within your network through the use of cutting edge tools and diagnostics, restoring your network quickly and getting operations running smoothly.

Remember, that you’re not alone. Everyone is looking for help and needs answers. And when it comes to networking and mobility, Heartland is your trusted resource both now and in the future. If we can be of assistance, reach out to us at 866.708.5375 or or visit us at

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