Why Zebra’s Rugged Tablets Are the Best Choice for Your Business

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The use of mobile enterprise computing with tablets has grown in many industries; it’s easy to see why. Industries like transportation and logistics have benefited from increased functionality and more durable rugged tablets.

In this blog, we’ll show you the differences between consumer and enterprise-grade tablets. You’ll see why Zebra Technologies‘ line of enterprise-grade tablets can be a wise investment for your company.

Consumer vs. Rugged Tablets

The decision to buy rugged tablets for your company can be a tough one. Consumer tablets can be purchased for a lower initial price and are familiar to your employees. Plus, they are considered “disposable,” with 1-2 years of life expectancy. You can retire the device, in theory, and have a newer model more often.

However, choosing a consumer-grade rugged tablet for warehouse or fleet applications is not the best decision. Consumer devices cannot withstand the rough conditions of your warehouse or the wear-and-tear of a fleet’s daily operations. If you buy a consumer tablet, you also need to buy a protective case. Even with a case, you’re still not buying a product that’s designed for your environment and workflow. Consumer tablets do not have enterprise network capabilities, the device management solutions, or business applications that make your company more productive and efficient. When you add it up, you’ll use an enterprise rugged tablet with more functionality longer, so the cost of ownership is far less.

What to Look for in a Rugged Tablet

Like any purchase for your company, you want to buy something that’s going to deliver a high ROI. When shopping for rugged tablets, start with something that’s versatile. Each user on your staff has different needs. The better tablets on the market will fit your users without requiring you to do a lot of extra customization.

One example is Zebra’s Xplore L10 rugged platform. The L10 comes in three different options, the XPAD L10, XSLATE L10, and XBOOK L10. You can have inventory managers use the XSLATE L10, supervisors use the 2-in-1 XBOOK L10, and field technicians use XPAD L10. Your users share accessories like chargers, batteries, and apps across all models.

Zebra’s rugged tablets look like high-end consumer tablets. The difference is Zebra rugged tablets are durable and rugged; they are engineered to withstand your work environment. Zebra tablets can survive some contact with water. They are also drop-tested (with a shell) to concrete from various distances. With Zebra, you get a long battery life (and chargers and cradles). Multiple straps allow your workers to handle tablets for long periods of time.

Enterprise tablets have a clear edge in the areas you need most—a robust platform, data security, administrative control, apps, and integrations.

Zebra’s XSLATE R12 tablet is used in industries like field mobility, warehouse management, and transportation. It has a wide range of applications, including quality assurance, inventory management, and (GPS) Mapping/GIS Asset Location.

The XSLATE R12 is Zebra’s next-generation tablet that could replace your desktop computer. It has a rugged design and includes a magnetically-attached keyboard that you can use when needed. With a 12.5-inch display, pen, voice, and camera inputs, it redefines what’s considered an enterprise-grade tablet.

Finally, there’s data capture. Zebra’s ET50/55 tablets offer enterprise data capture capabilities. The tablets include two cameras to capture 1D and 2D barcodes. The ET50/55 tablets are used for tasks like inventory management and asset tracking. They are flexible tablets that can be customized whether employees work inside or outside.

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