Simplify mobile device management with experienced support.

Aug 11, 2022

Shifting demands require businesses to implement mobile technology that helps them automate workflows to consistently deliver an ideal customer experience. Despite the massive benefits of automating order processing workflows, many warehouses and manufacturers are hesitant to implement new technologies since these may be disruptive during an already chaotic market. Longer training hours and low adoption rates can prove challenging to seasonal hires while also draining money from unproductivity.

How Heartland prioritizes simplification through the H2A partnership

To truly harness the benefits of modernized automation, the implementation and maintenance process should be simple. For example, as an exclusive Honeywell H2A partner, Heartland leverages experienced teams alongside enterprise-ready technology and services to help businesses save $600,000 by reducing picking errors and 2,000,000 HOURS by reducing device downtime. By taking on device management and quality monitoring from burdening your IT teams, Heartland provides superior wireless planning and experienced solution management to your warehouse with these services:

  1. Streamline device repair and enable reliable replacements with Heartland’s repair management services and spare pool management. Our repair management services manage the creation of manufacturer RMAs and asset tracking, while consolidation service contracts for easier budgeting and renewal. Using our RMA portal, spare pool management provides your business with overnight replacements for devices being sent out for repair. When you house your devices in Heartland’s spare-pool facility, you reduce the number of spares needed in your environment and shorten the turnaround time for the replacements.
  2. Reduce costs and downtime configuring devices with Heartland’s Configure to Purpose. Devices are directly shipped from the repair depot to Heartland. We validate the repair and load the end-user’s configuration, which is established during the AlwaysOn onboarding process. With Heartland, your repaired devices will be sent back out-of-box ready, so you only need to put in batteries for use.
  3. Maximize operational visibility, tracking, management, and security of your mobile technology without interrupting current workflows through our Mobile Device Management Support solutions. Our MDM Support allows you to become an extension of our IT team to boost the management and development of your MDM platform. Empower the time-saving benefits of MDM without the overhead of administrative burden on your IT team. Streamline hardware, software, and network implementations through one point of contact.
  4. Integrated Helpdesk to help remove the daily burden to support mobile technology and makes Heartland’s industry-leading experts a part of your team. Device problems are triaged by our Certified Repair Engineers, reducing the number of repair incidents by up to 25% or more.

With the Heartland/Honeywell Advantage and AlwaysOn, you can rest assured knowing that your modernization strategy is simplified. Contact us today to see how you can expect non-stop performance from your solution with Heartland.